How to Find and Change Your Screensaver in Windows 10

October 18, 2018

Windows 10 is the most popular operating system that is loaded with plenty of amazing features. It also offers several built-in screen savers that make the experience while working on Windows 10 more interesting. Previously, many people prefer to install a screen saver on their PC or laptop in order to avoid the burn-in issues. Though the latest computers don’t have this problem, still users prefer to have a screen saver for fun. Since the introduction of Windows 95, the Windows screen saver settings have changed a lot. And the new Windows 10 OS features many more customization options, but it is a bit complicated. Well! Fear not! We are here to guide you the method of how to change screensaver Windows 10.

Steps to Change Screensaver on Windows 10

Step 1: To begin with customizing Windows 10 wallpaper or screensaver, head to the desktop, right click on the empty space and choose the option ‘Personalization’.

screensaver windows 10

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Step 2: Selecting this option allows changing the background color, lock screen image, Windows 10 wallpaper on your PC or laptop.

Step 3: Since Windows 10 is more interactive, you can also head to the search box to type in the screen saver. Immediately, the screen saver window appears.

screensaver windows 10

Step 4: Choose the required screensaver Windows 10 and click on the preview button to have a glance at the overall look. Also, ensure to click on settings options as some screensaver allow the user to personalize it further. For instance, the user can adjust the speed of photo slideshow.

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screensaver windows 10

Step 5: Make the device more secure, select On Resume, Display Logon screen check box. This allows safeguarding your system from other people who intend to have a sneak peek while you are away from the desk. Enabling the option will ask for the password. Also, read 10 ways to keep your Windows 10 safe from virus.

Step 6: Once all the required screensaver settings are done, click on OK to save the changes.

screensaver windows 10

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In a similar manner, you can also change the theme as well as wallpaper in Windows 10. Having screensaver is fun and accordingly, Windows 10 is loaded with several attractive wallpapers to choose from. In case you are accessing the screensaver setting frequently, then there is even an option to create it as a desktop shortcut. It becomes quite easy to access when we create a shortcut for the screensaver settings on the desktop. In order to create a shortcut, right click on the desktop and click on new-→Shortcut. In the location space, type in control desk.cpl,,@screensaver, give a name to the shortcut and click next. You are done! Give it an icon of your choice. In the future, use this shortcut to adjust or change screensaver Windows 10 quickly. So, this is how to change screen saver on Windows 10. Follow the guide to change screensaver with an ease and if necessary make it as a shortcut on the desktop.

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