Best Methods to Mirror Android Screen to Your PC

December 5, 2018

Tired of looking at the small screens of your smartphone? Now you can switch over to your desktop by mirroring you Mobile screen with it in normal to work more efficiently on a large display and keyboard to soothe your eyes with an enhanced bigger screen size. Be it the presentation that you would like to modify or the corporate document that you would like to proofread, Screen Mirroring is the easiest option that helps you get connected with all your phone screen on PC simply by navigating to some easy steps.

What is Screen Mirroring?

Before diving into the ways to get your phone screen on PC synchronized with your Android, let’s look over what screen mirroring is all about. Screen Mirror, also named to be screencasting, helps you mirror your smartphone’s screen on your laptop or TV whichever you would like to use. The advancement in screen mirror technology has created a substantial change by making it more simpler and convenient for its users to screencast their devices. Moreover, some apps like YouTube and Netflix also facilitate you with an inbuilt screencast option.

screen mirroring app

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5 Easy Steps to Enable Screen Mirroring PC Option:

Here go all the details on how to screen mirroring Android phone on your desktop without rooting your device.

Step 1: Get started with screen mirroring by enabling USB debugging on your Android device simply by Navigating to Settings Option on Android smartphone.

Step 2: Hit the About Phone Menu in it and Tap Settings.  If you are using Android 8.00 Oreo or a newer version than that.

Step 3:  Scroll below to search for “Build Number” and hit it seven times

Step 4:  Once done, get back to Settings the main menu and click on the Developer Options bar.

screen mirroring How to Unlock Bootloader Of Android Phones

In case you are using Xiaomi handset or any other device where you are unable to search for the Build Number Menu, Open your Settings and Click your MIUI Version menu seven times. A pop-up will appear to let you know that you have been switched to Developer Mode which is easily available in Additional Settings options.

Step 5: Toggle the USB Debugging option and confirm “Yes” when it prompts about the action.

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How to Enable Screen Mirroring PC Option Through Vysor:

Get started to enable screen mirror on your Android for Windows 10 with the use of Vysor Application:

Step 1:  Download Vysor on your computer for your Windows 10, Mac OS or Linux whichever software you have.

Step 2:  After doing that, open Google Play Store on your Android Phone and install Vysor in it to synchronize it with your PC

Step 3:  Get connected to your PC by attaching your USB cable with it in order to have a screen mirroring PC option.

Step 4:  Enable the USB Debugging that has been already mentioned above for your convenience.

Step 5:  Launch the Vysor App on your computer and Hit the Find Device option to connect your phone to it. You can also mark the Connect Automatically check that appears right after your smartphone gets connected so that you can use avail screen mirroring pc option without going over the hassle of following all the steps again.

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How to Enable Screen Mirroring PC Option Through APowerMirror:

Step 1: Download  APowerMirror on your Android smartphone

Step 2:  Toggle Debugging option as explained earlier to initiate the developers’ mode

Step 3:   Synchronize your PC with your Android device via USB. It would prompt you to connect automatically every time you attach your USB to your PC. Hit the “Always” Button to do that.

Step 4: Open the APowerMirror app n your device and tap start now menu and your phone screen would get connected to your PC.

screen mirroring

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How to Enable Screen Mirroring PC Option Through APowerMirror Wirelessly:

phone screen

If you don’t have a USB cable, no need to worry as you can also enable screen casting wirelessly from your handset as well

Step 1: Run the APowerMirror App on your device

Step 2: Hit the M button that appears at the bottom of the app when you open it on your android smartphone

Step 3: Find your PC Name in the provided listing. Make sure your PC or Laptop is running during the whole process

Step 4: Choose “Start Now” after selecting the Phone Screen Mirroring Option on it.

Enjoy live streaming on your PC y simply screen mirroring it to your android phone to enjoy all the perks of synchronizing them together. If you would like to know more about controlling your android smartphone device with your PC then, check it out here: 5 Best Ways To Control Android Device From a PC.

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