6 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iPhone 2018

December 3, 2018

Since the Android device pack in all the necessary data that we require in both personal and professional life, at times it becomes mandatory to share the screen with someone else. This allows the other person to remotely see and if necessary access the device. An android screen can be mirrored on the PC, another mobile device, or even to the TV. The device to which you need it to be connected depends on your requirements. Screen mirroring technology just shows the mirror version of the Android screen and may seem to be really helpful while watching movies, videos, play games, give presentation and more on large displays. On Android, screen mirroring is quite easy. Now that you understood of what is screen mirroring and how is it useful? Let us look further about the screen mirroring apps that make it easier to handle this task. While there are plenty of apps to choose from, check this guide to find some of the best screen mirroring apps that ensure security while mirroring the screen on other devices.

Google home

Cast your Android screen to the TV so that you can enjoy viewing your favorite content on the bigger screen using Google Home. If your Android device is running on Android 4.4.2 or higher version, then you are ready to go. Download the app, connect the Android device and chromecast/TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the Google app, navigate through the menu-→cast screen/audio-→Cast screen/audio. Select the required device to which screen mirroring need to be done. Now you can view the Android screen on the much bigger display. Before connecting, ensure to turn off the power saving mode as it may limit the processing power of the device and affect the casting functionality performance.

screen mirroring app

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

The best screen mirroring app to download on Android and iPhone is Microsoft Remote desktop. Easily connect the device to the work resources to gain access to remote resources. Moreover, it ensures to have a secure connection thus protecting the data, files and other content. Another best feature to talk about is the multi-touch option. Apart from this, it allows having audio and video streaming directly using the app. Unlike the Chrome remote desktop, this screen mirroring Android app is completely free to download and doesn’t even has in-app purchases. So, download it now to cast your screen on other devices without spending even a single penny.

screen mirroring app

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Apower Mirror

The simple to use screen mirroring app around in the Internet world is Apower Mirror. Available for both Android and iOS users, the Apower Mirror screen mirroring app allows to easily cast the display of the smartphone to other mobile devices. So, stream videos, movies or any other content with an ease of multiple devices on the go simultaneously. Now, you need not have a wired connection to have a screen mirroring, it can be done wirelessly. Another interesting feature is, it allows to adjust the mirrored screen so as to easily access apps, photos, videos, and other files. Apart from mirroring the screen, also sync the audio and video on multiple mobile devices.

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One of the most popular screen mirroring apps, that is downloaded by millions of users every day is TeamViewer. Initially, it was just known to share the screen with the remote users, however, now it is claimed to be used as the screen mirroring app as well. The interesting aspect of the TeamViewer is it can be used on the multiple platforms including, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. Additionally, it is free to use on any platform. Moreover, the TeamViewer makes use of the 256-bit encryption mechanism thus ensuring to have a secured connection when compared to other screen mirroring iPhone apps in the list.

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Another simple yet professional screen mirroring app to download on Android devices is Join.Me. Interestingly, it doesn’t require any special installation on the PC. All you need is to type in the username URL which you are supposed to join and hit enter. It just works similar to the TeamViewer, but all the users may not be able to access remotely. It gives out the feasibility to have in-meeting chats and calls along with the complete team or individuals. This screen mirroring apps also supports VoIP calling feature as well as zooming feature on the mirrored screen. For extra security, there is even an option to lock/unlock meetings.

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Though listed at the bottom, the MirrorGo is one of the top rated screen mirroring Android app available on the Google Play store. It works based on the MirrorGo apps installed both on PC and smartphone. Moreover, it can be accessed from the local networks. Just connect the smartphone to PC via Wi-Fi or through the USB data cable. That’s it! You will now be able to see the complete interface of the device on the PC. It can be completely controlled directly using the mouse. It also features the capture, record and shares feature. Download and install MirrorGo both on Android and PC to get the function done.

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