How To Save Number During The Call In Android Phone?

September 4, 2018

Many times, we require noting down the phone numbers while on call. Although it is quite common, we still find it annoying as we may not find a paper and pen when needed. And if these are not available, we simply open the dialpad and note them. However, as soon as the call ends, the number also gets vanished from the dialpad which leaves us with no choice but to call up that person again for the number. Hence, here we provide a solution to this issue that helps you save important numbers even while you are on a call.

Call Writer App:

It is pretty simple to save number during the call on Android phone. It all depends on the kind of application you use for this purpose. Right now, a plenty of apps are available in the Google Play Store that helps you save numbers while on calls. And here we recommend you one of the best apps, which is named Call Writer. There are many interesting features of this application. For instance, the app helps to save the notes automatically when a call ends, quickly shares the notes, and opens the number or link directly from the notes. In addition, users can also save multi-designs notes, use notepad or paint, and even enable speaker mode just with a click. So, with all these features available, one can easily save the important numbers or notes during calls.

Know how to save number during the call on Android phone

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Steps to save number during the call on Android phone:

There are a few steps which you need to follow in order to get started with the Call Writer app and use it for your requirements.

1. First search for the Call Writer app in the Google Play Store and install it.
2. Once installed, open the application to activate it.

Know how to save number during the call on Android phone

3. Next, select the three lined sign button and go to the Settings option, where you can make adjustments or customize it as per your need.
4. After adjusting the settings, you will start to notice a dialer like blue icon, which appears when a call is made or received.

Know how to save number during the call on Android phone

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5. Just tap on the blue icon, if you want to make a note of a number or any other information.
6. As the call ends, the information that you have noted will get saved automatically.
7. It creates a URL for the information saved in the text note itself.
8. Users can now make calls directly from the text note. Moreover, the app also saves the email and web addresses automatically.

Know how to save number during the call on Android phone

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