Samsung W2019 – Flip Phone, Specifications, Release Date and Price

October 17, 2018

Samsung is known as a market leader of Android phones as it is one of the top brands which focuses on the customer insight and merges it with the technological innovation eventually brings novel smartphones and devices. But this doesn’t stop Samsung to keep upgrading its previous versions of mobile phones, as it knows that few things do capture importance and emotional attachment in life and revival of such items subsequently propound memories and makes you relive the moments. This formula is applied by Samsung on its W series through reintroducing the flip phones of the 2000 era. The era of 2000 was fuelled up with the flip phones which were a vogue statement and innovation in the design at that time so what could be more interesting than witnessing such motif again with the latest technology and hardware merger.  This practice has already done by Samsung in 2017 by releasing a W2018 smartphone of flip design in China and it is now predicted that we are about to see the Samsung W2019 version in Dubai very soon.


Samsung W2019 Design and Display:

Samsung W2019 is the successor of W2018 smartphone which was released last year and the W2019 phone design has the same inspiration of its earlier version with no interesting modification. W2019 in UAE is speculated to be launched in the form of dual display screens certainly the one which is regular in style inside the clamshell the other would be on the top of flip increasing the productivity by completing the urgent task in just a few clicks rather than opening the phone same like the previous version.  The displays would incorporate 4.2-inch Super AMOLED panels with Full HD resolution. There is no confirmation about the colours but the concept designs are being revealed in the two classic colours of Gold and Black.

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Samsung W2019 Specifications:

The leaked specification on TENAA reveals that the W2019 in Dubai would be featuring with the flagship-grade Snapdragon 845 chipset with the latest operating system of Android 8.1. The smartphone is apparently code-named Project Lykan, whereas it is also loaded up with the 6GB of RAM and a Bixby button. One of the disappointing things might be the absences of wireless charging support. The dual camera like Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 Plus of 12MP+12MP is also expected moreover as far as the power back up is concerned it is speculated to be hefty with the 3000 mAh battery. These are few of the official and rumoured specifications of Samsung W2019 till date but the actual would be confirmed through the official release of the smartphone.


Samsung W2019 Release Date in Dubai:

As we know that the flip phones were the older fashion and the trend is now limited to South East Asia as people in China, Korea, and Japan still prefers flip phones. The earlier versions of W series have been only released in South East Asia as they have its niche market in that area but the emerging market for flip phones is also evolving worldwide because of the unique and old mixture in a single device. This time it could be expected that the Samsung W2019 might release on the international level and in UAE and Middle East too like the other Samsung smartphones. The release date is not finalized but the predicted month is December 2018.

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Samsung W2019 Price in Dubai:

There is no confirmed price of the Samsung W2019 in UAE but it is estimated as in the mid-range smartphones of Samsung and it would be around 1000 AED.

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