Samsung Pay – Which Samsung Phones Are Compatible With App?

October 29, 2019

You are out shopping without bringing your wallet or card. No worries because you can bill through your smartphone with the help of Samsung Pay. If you have a Samsung device, you are all covered up.

With Samsung Pay, you can include your debit and credit cards, just as your gift and membership cards, to your smartphone. Intended for shrewd and simple payment, it works anyplace that acknowledges card payment. It’s much the same as paying to utilize your card. Yet, more secure and increasingly helpful. Consider it a computerized wallet. In any case, while it is acknowledged in numerous spots and stores, it just chips away at a couple of Samsung Pay perfect phones. It is glued with layers of security includes as well. In this way, no compelling reason to stress over your card record getting traded off. Truth be told, it’s more secure than utilizing your genuine card. In this application, the real record number of your card doesn’t show up. In addition, you can protect it with your fingerprint to guarantee that no other individual can utilize your phone for billing

Phones Are Compatible With Samsung pay?

The main drawback of Samsung Pay is that it just works only on Samsung gadgets. In case you’re interested, here’s the finished rundown of all Samsung gadgets that supports Samsung Pay.

What is Samsung Pay Exactly?

Samsung Pay is basically a digital wallet a smart and unique payment mode. You don’t need to carry your cash around all the time. Not even your credit or debit cards. You can just use your phone to pay for your billings. It works on almost all the retailers and the places which support MST and NFC. In a nutshell, it is a fast, convenient, and secure way to use your money.

This application is super easy to use. You first need to download and install the application of Samsung Pay on your phone. Then just connect your cards to the application by filling in the required details, and don’t worry, its Samsung and safe. When you are all cope up with the application, use it with ease. Verify and authorize everything and set your fingerprint lock. You are good to go now.

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List of Samsung Pay Compatible Phones

The Samsung Pay application is only compatible with Samsung phones. This is obvious, anyways. Moving ahead here’s is a list of Samsung phones that are compatible because not all of the Samsung devices support this feature.

The Extravagant Samsung Phones

First, let’s mention the phones that are on more of an extravagant side of Samsung’s Company.

Here are some of the extravaganza phones from the Galaxy S series;

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10
  2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  3. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  4. Samsung Galaxy S9
  5. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  8. Samsung Galaxy S7
  9. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  10. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Now, the second series that supports Samsung pay is the Galaxy Note. These are the phones that support Samsung Pay in this series;

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note FE

The Mid-Range Samsung Phones

Apart from the above-mentioned list of smartphones, Samsung Pay is also compatible with these mid-range phones;

  1. Samsung Galaxy A70
  2. Samsung Galaxy A3
  3. Samsung Galaxy A5
  4. Samsung Galaxy A7
  5. Samsung Galaxy A8
  6. Samsung Galaxy A8
  7. Samsung Galaxy A8+
  8. Samsung Galaxy A9
  9. Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro
  10. Samsung Galaxy J5
  11. Samsung Galaxy J7

There are more phones that support Samsung Pay, but these are the best ones from the company. However, before downloading or utilizing the application, ensure that you have one of these phones. On the other hand, if you need to use the application, consider asking for the compatibility before.

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