Samsung Galaxy Z 2018 – Specifications, Price, Release Date & Review

July 20, 2018

The smartphones which came out with bezel-less displays have become a major hit in the mobile industry. It is not just one brand, but almost every phone maker is now trying to offer their handsets with this feature. Probably, it is Xiaomi which has first come up with this idea of introducing phones without frames. And the first device to have this aspect is Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Although several phones are available now with bezel-less screens, there isn’t any single device, which comes without bezels. So, here comes a conceptual video of Samsung’s upcoming phone named Galaxy Z that is rumored to have a 100 percent screen even without minimal bezels. This concept video has surfaced online recently and gave out a few details of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z in Dubai. So, let us check them out and know more about the advanced handset.

Samsung Galaxy Z Features:

The concept video of Samsung Galaxy Z displays how the handset actually looks like. And we can clearly notice the phone go bezel-less completely. If the focus is put on the brand’s Z Series phones, there is already Samsung Z available, which was launched a couple of years ago. Some sources are particularly emphasizing that the South Korean company is in plans to extend the Z lineup by releasing Samsung Galaxy Z in the market. But one thing to note is the Z series smartphone uses Tizen operating system, whereas the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z is speculated to run on the Android Oreo latest version.

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Hence, talking about Samsung Galaxy Z features, the video shows that the entire front profile is covered with the screen with no frames and no fingerprint scanner. Some may argue that Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy Note 8 devices are also bezel-less. But the fact is, even these handsets have very slim bezels. Industry experts are believing that Samsung Galaxy Z will pave way for the new generation of phones.

Meanwhile, the brand’s technological advances, as well as patents, indicate that it might really come up with a smartphone as advanced as shown in the concept video. However, if we carefully look at the video, we can notice that the device is almost like an improvised version of the existing Samsung Galaxy S8 featuring similar curves and materials. But what sets it apart is the screen in the metal case that goes frame less completely.

Looking at the concept video, we can make out that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z in UAE will have a big, bezel-less display, which might measure around 5.9-inches. Most probably, we can expect a Super AMOLED screen as in other Samsung smartphones. In addition, a few other Samsung Galaxy Z features are highly anticipated such as the Corning Gorilla 6 Glass layer, waterproof, dual rear cameras, as well as dual front cameras equipped under the upper frame of the case.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Specifications:

As far as the Samsung Galaxy Z specifications are concerned, the concept phone may be offered with a more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset that is expected to perform fast and to be more responsive. Most probably, the device may be offered with 6GB RAM and internal memory of 128GB. There is no information whether the handset may feature a slot for external memory card. Besides these, the Samsung Galaxy Z specifications list might also include a 3700mAh battery along with support to fast charging as well as wireless charging. And as for the software, the handset will probably come out with the latest version of Android Oreo operating system, probably with more features and improvements.

Know about Samsung Galaxy Z, Samsung Galaxy Z features, Samsung Galaxy Z specifications, Samsung Galaxy Z release date in UAE and Samsung Galaxy Z price in UAE

Samsung Galaxy Z Release Date In UAE:

As this is only a conceptual video of the upcoming Samsung phone, there might be still enough time for an official announcement by the company to give details of the Samsung Galaxy Z release date in UAE.

Samsung Galaxy Z Price In UAE:

The conceptual video of Samsung Galaxy Z has just given out a few details of its screen and technical aspects. But there is no information available yet about the Samsung Galaxy Z price in UAE. Probably, we will have to wait until the device is launched in the UAE market.

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