Samsung Galaxy X: Things You Need To Know

December 19, 2017

Without a doubt, Samsung Galaxy X is one of the most talked about handsets in the recent times. Almost all the Galaxy models have a huge demand in the global market, especially in Saudi and UAE.

By introducing the classy Edge display screens, Samsung has left everyone astounded. Now, the South Korean company has planned something more different. Rumors are that it is developing a foldable display for its next Samsung Galaxy X smartphone, which may land sometime in 2018.

Much is being told about this upcoming Samsung smartphone 2018 from quite sometime now. So, here we share with you some details about Samsung Galaxy X UAE and Dubai, which are, however, not officially confirmed.

Patent Filing of Samsung Galaxy X:

Recently, a few details have come out about the phone during its patent filing. The information mostly hints out at the functioning of Samsung Galaxy X when it is launched. Post the patent filing, the main question that cropped is, how the device will work with two display screens and a strip connecting them. If the phone is folded, the strip sticks out like a loop thus, affecting its overall look.

It also highlighted the company’s intention of combining smartphones of different generations. In the upcoming model, we can see one of the displays with slim bezels and no home button. Whereas, the second screen carries more of a traditional design, wherein we can see the home button and front facing scanners.

However, the details of revealed through the patent may not be the final. We can expect Samsung to come up with more versions of the foldable technology. Hence, there are still chances for the foldable phone to have better design and looks than this.

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Foldable Display of Samsung Galaxy X:

It is a well-known fact that Samsung always stood out among others in terms of display technology. Just look at all the Galaxy Series phones, and you will find display screens to be their main feature among others.

Some sources have even stated that the Galaxy X will be a hybrid phone with a display screen measuring around 7-inches when not folded. It is also rumored that Samsung currently has several models of this sort, but still wondering about launching the final one.

As of now, a display screen of 8-inches is said to be the largest of all the foldout designs. If the Galaxy X sports such a large screen, it will be the main selling point for the smartphone.

Meanwhile, the other patent suggests that the phone’s foldable display may function in a different way. It talks about the method of completely folding the display back on itself. However, there is no confirmation about it yet. We just have to wait and see if Samsung actually considers this approach or not for its future product.

Samsung Galaxy X Specs:

A few speculations are doing rounds that the Galaxy X will have the 4K resolution. This aspect, in specific, has been talked about several times, but Samsung has not produced any model with the 4K resolution yet.

Apart from this, the handset might sport dual-cameras as this technology was also last seen in the Galaxy Note Series. Moreover, it is the current trend being followed by others as well, like the upcoming Nokia 9, Apple iPhone X, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 among others. Besides, it may probably be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, which is used in Google Pixel phones.
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Samsung Galaxy X Release Date and Price:

The Galaxy X from Samsung is speculated to release in 2018. Industry experts believe this model to revolutionize the smartphone niche once it arrives. As the maker chosen this device to bring in its foldable technology, its strictly trying to keep the device under wraps without giving out any hint of details. Hence, it is to soon to guess the Samsung Galaxy X price in Dubai now.

Reportedly, the model will be unveiled at the CES trade show next year. If that’s true, Samsung might also reveal a few details like its release date, specifications and even the Samsung Galaxy X price in UAE and Saudi as well, which are the successful marketplaces for Galaxy phones.

Samsung Galaxy X’s launch will introduce us to a completely new feature in smartphones, which is the foldable display screen. Once it hits the market, it will be compared with other Samsung’s offerings such as Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8. We can also hope it to carry some of the focal aspects of its predecessors.

A few updates of the new patent filed indicate that it’s not only Samsung, but Apple is also in the race of developing a bendable smartphone. Apparently, Apple has filed a patent, which the industry is treating as a direct answer to the Samsung’s phone. If this happens to be true, then both the brands will be up for a major battle in the days ahead.

However, a few sources indicate that Apple still has much time to make the foldable device, whereas the Samsung’s phone may debut the next year.
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  • foldable smartphone is something amazing and i am very curious to know whether samsung galaxy X foldable smartphone is for real and if so the samsung galaxy X features are very attractive and this would be the one foldable smartphone introducing company .nice blog.

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  • samsung Galaxy x is going to be the first foldable smartphone ever with 4k resolution. heard a lot of romors about samsung galaxy x specifications, nothing is confirmed about galaxy x and we have to wait till 2019 for more confirmed information regarding samsung Galaxy X price and release date.

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  • Galaxy X will have the 4K resolution, Samsung galaxy x is going to be epic if it comes up to be as shown in images. This smartphone Samsung galaxy X is in rumors since last year .The speculated features of Samsung galaxy X are really amazing and waiting for more updates about this smartphone and hope galaxy x foldable smartphones comes as soon as possible .

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  • I.need samsung galaxy x

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