Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Gear Fit 2 Pro: Choose The Right Fitness Tracker

January 8, 2019

Whether you are purchasing a fitness tracker or a Samsung Galaxy watch, the main focus of Samsung is to keep track of your activity and fitness. When talking about the South Korean giant, it lays a clear line between the Samsung smartwatch and fitness trackers especially in terms of price, size, and features. The same is the case with the Samsung Galaxy watch and Samsung gear fit2 pro. Both are nearly capable of doing similar tasks such as tracking steps, measuring heart rate, ensures to take a proper intake of food on time, warns your health conditions and the GPS support works well in running, workouts, or in bike rides. The Samsung Galaxy watch has a little larger screen thus allowing to view the information related to your workouts with ease, but the tracking still remains the same. Another interesting aspect of both these gadgets is they even connect with other favorite fitness apps and also stays in touch with the Samsung Health. Despite many similarities, you can still find some differences that can help you out to choose the right option.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Gear Fit2 Pro: Design

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a pretty compact device as it is 42mm in size, but it may seem a bit cumbersome for certain workouts such as weight lifting or swimming. Despite this, it carries the ability to wear it all day. Moreover, it features a 1.2-inches circular dial and looks like a full-sized watch that you wear every day. On the other end Gear Fit 2 Pro is a lightweight fitness band that is comfortable wear all day. Additionally, you can even wear your mechanical watch on the other hand without having an odd look. It just weighs 34g and holds 1.5-inches rectangular dial. However, on the Galaxy watch, you can see more information and even the interaction is simpler. Moving between the screen or scrolling around different option will not be a major concern with the Galaxy watch.

Samsung smartwatch

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Gear Fit2 Pro: Features

Talking about fitness capabilities, being a dedicated fitness band, the Gear Fit 2 Pro can pretty track all kinds of activities. It can log your heart rate and can also store Spotify music offline. We could even find a newly added feature of swim tracking but it is somewhat found to be unreliable and inaccurate when compared to other smartwatches. On the other end, the Samsung Galaxy Watch being a full smartwatch with a circular display allows even to enjoy the smartwatch features along with the fitness band features. The large circular display allows to view the information all the day, read and respond to messages without taking out a smartphone, check the weather conditions, calendar, sleep information and more. Also, it allows installing third-party apps in case you require additional functionality. Moreover, the Galaxy watch also supports LTE connection which means you can stream music and stay connected with your smartphone. In the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, you can connect the phone to this gadget over Bluetooth and also allows to read notifications. This is what is capable of, you may not expect any additional features from this fitness band. You should buy the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro, only if you are expecting to use it as a fitness or activity tracker rather than a smartwatch. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is a perfect all-rounder to handle the fitness activities, work out tracking, and all other daily tasks such as messaging, notifications, apps and more. Talking about the battery, again the Galaxy Watch shines with a bit bigger battery of 270mAh over the gear smartwatch of 200mAh. Both the gadgets have the same waterproofing capabilities. If you are ready to wear a larger device on your wrist with charging more often then Samsung Galaxy Watch is the wise option to prefer.

samsung smartwatch

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Gear Fit2 Pro: Price

For many of us, price definitely matters. And these two gadgets differ in terms of price thus making it easier to choose the one according to your budget and needs. For those who are on the budget, Samsung gear fit 2 Pro will be the right option as it is limited and comes in an affordable price range. Surprisingly, it costs half the price of Samsung Galaxy watch. However, it features nearly the same fitness tracking capabilities with more comfort and smaller size. If a price is really not a concern then you should choose a Samsung galaxy watch. With this, you will enjoy the benefits of both smartwatch and fitness tracker. Except for the higher price, Galaxy Watch shines in all aspects over the Samsung Gear smartwatch. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch can be chosen from two attractive shades- Black and Rose Gold, whereas the Gear Fit 2 Pro gives out an only single color option of Black.

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