Samsung Galaxy Watch Rumors: Release date, Specs and Price 2018

August 9, 2018

After a long waiting of the Samsung wearables, it seems like the South Korean giant is looking forward to the launch a new smartwatch which is claimed to be Samsung Galaxy Watch. Surprisingly, after the Samsung gear S2 and Samsung gear S3, the upcoming Samsung watch doesn’t hint for the name Samsung Gear S4. Replacing the Samsung gear S3, we may soon get the Samsung Galaxy watch that is likely to make its debut in August 2018. It may make its debut alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the Samsung Unpacked event. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Galaxy Watch release date, specs and price. With the main focus on health, fitness and other sleep tracking elements, the futuristic Galaxy watch seems to be quite exciting.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Release Date 2018

The Samsung Galaxy watch release date is not official but rumours around suggest it happen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date on August 9, 2018. Few other rumours claim the release to happen at IFA 2018 that is planned at the end of August.

Galaxy Watch

Also, read the features to expect from the upcoming Samsung smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Specs

After Samsung accidentally listed out the Galaxy Watch on its official website, it is quite confirmed that Samsung is in plans to introduce a new smartwatch. From the leaked image, we see that the Galaxy watch sports nearly the same design as Samsung gear sport with a circular display, two buttons on the right end and metal body. The model displayed was a 42mm rose gold option which Samsung calls it to be a Bluetooth model. This would suggest the come back of the LTE feature which was left out in the Samsung Gear Sport. Few reports hint for the smartwatch to get a 1.23-inches display as in the Samsung gear watch. As in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other smartphones, you may expect the Galaxy watch to feature always on display which leaves the screen partially on all the time thus making it convenient to see all the time.

While all the Samsung smartwatches are operating on its OS Tizen, the Galaxy watch could be something different and run on Google’s Wear OS. It is still unsure of what exactly could happen with the Galaxy watch, but if the device runs on Wear OS platform then it would definitely be an added advantage. Moreover, Samsung may finally debut multidevice charger on deck. This wireless charger duo can charge both the smartphone and Galaxy watch at the same time, however from different charging spots. Moreover, we can expect the new Galaxy watch to have a powerful processor with enhanced performance and great battery life than its predecessors. While the Samsung Gear S3 frontier had a 380mAh battery and the Samsung Gear Sport packed in 300mAh battery, we could expect the Galaxy Watch to have 470mAh battery. The larger battery ensures the Galaxy Watch to render great battery life. It can easily last for 3-4 days.

Galaxy watch

The previous patent filed suggest the Galaxy Watch come in with the in-built blood pressure monitor. Another major upgrade that can be found in the upcoming smartwatch is in-depth sleep tracking. Replacing the S Voice the Galaxy Watch can get the new Bixby voice assistant. Instead of giving it a dedicated button, you may now need to hold down the main button to activate voice assistant.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Price 2018

The Samsung Gear S3 price starts at $ 349 and we may find the upcoming smartwatch price to be in the similar range thus making it compete with Apple watch 4. What drives the users more interesting about the next Samsung smartwatch is its naming series. These rumours about the Galaxy Watch suggest the device to have the Wear OS rather than its own software. Irrespective of the software and other features, the Galaxy Watch launch will be a valuable addition to the Samsung wearables. Moreover, the Galaxy watch is likely to be available in different colour options including Black, Silver and Gold. Furthermore, it may sport two different designs- Classic and Sport variants as its predecessors- Samsung gear S3 Classic. Here are a few tips you can follow to reach your fitness goals using the Apple smartwatches.


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  • After Apple , Samsung is the best at manufacturing smartwatches and gear watches.Samsung Galaxy Watch is coming up with many updated features,it is also available in three different colour variants which is again a good news.apart from looks Samsung galaxy watch also has blood pressure monitoring system in it.

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