Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite – Launching Soon

November 3, 2019

As emerged from the reputed source, the South Korean giant is in works on Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite or Galaxy S11 Lite. This new device is identified online with the model number SM-G770F. Thanks to the benchmark that gave us the details of its excellent technical specifications. Continuing to deliver the best budget range smartphones into the market, Samsung is going ahead with the budget variants of the top-end handsets- Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S10. While the naming is not sure, but it will be an affordable alternative. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite release date UAE, rumors and more.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite Release Date UAE

As for the Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite release date, we can just say “as soon as possible”. However, with 2019 nearly ending, does it make sense to think about S10 Lite in UAE. If it is the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite rather than S11 Lite then there is a high probability to be available before the Korean company introduces the new series of smartphones into the market. Or else, the release may happen along with the other high-end smartphones. Rumors claim that Samsung is even working on Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Samsung Galaxy A91. Everything certainly gets clarifies when Samsung introduces a new lineup of smartphones at the beginning of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite News, Leaks and More

Spotted on Geekbench 5, the alleged Samsung Galaxy S11 lite in Dubai packs in Snapdragon 855 chipset and 8GB of RAM. This is a similar processor that is seen in the S10 series smartphones. As for the memory, it is a bit higher than the base variant of S10- Samsung Galaxy S10e. Additionally, it runs on the latest Android operating system, Android 10 thus achieving a single-core score of 742 and a multi-core one of 2,604. Surprisingly! These results are highly competitive with the top-end Samsung smartphones. Apart from this, another handset with model number SM-N770F was spotted online and it ought to be Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite. As nothing is confirmed, we advise considering the Geekbench scoring with a pinch of salt until the company makes something official about Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite in Dubai.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite Price in UAE

Well! Samsung’s decision to introduce cheaper versions of the most notable smartphones isn’t surprising. But! Wait! It is true that we already have a budget variant of Galaxy S10- the 10e. Galaxy S10e costs AED 2750 while the Galaxy S10 price in UAE is AED 3301. This portfolio did not work out good for the company. Especially, when Apple leading the market this September. Though S10e is an affordable variant but is not as cheap as expected. Here comes the need for a cheaper variant with the powerful specs. Initially, the focus will be mainly on Asian markets and slowly be available in other international countries. Despite its naming series, the move towards the release of Lite models of top flagship smartphones will attract a wide range of audiences.

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