Samsung Galaxy S11 – Launching Soon in 2020

November 6, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 conveyed a noteworthy performance in the last few months. Being a solid all-rounder in spite of the way that some individual components, for example, the camera weren’t class-driving. We’re certain that Samsung will mean to improve in 2020 with the Samsung Galaxy S11, and we just can hardly wait to perceive what the brand has come up for us. Here’s everything we know so far about what’s in store from the lead arrangement.

Samsung Galaxy S11

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What Do We Expect From Samsung S11?

No doubts that Samsung S11 would be packed with a ton of new and unique features. Here are some specs that the fans and users are expecting from the Samsung manufacturers in Galaxy S11;

No Cut-Outs In-Screen

To make the phone as infinite as possible, Samsung did a great job with a punch hole in the recent phones to give space to the front-facing camera. But in our what we want is no notch, no cutouts, and a flat, shiny, glass screen display.

A Headphone Jack

This is really important. Users are fine with the Bluetooth headsets and no jack too but most of us prefer plugging the pin on the phone.

Great Battery Capacity

The forerunner, Samsung Galaxy S10 had a 3,400mAh battery which was pretty good and long-lasting. However, most of the phones have crossed this line way before. The battery should be robust. We expect a 4,000mAh battery or above.

Vibrant Colors

Samsung phones are available in a few standard colors only. Most commonly prism white and black. People would love to see more colors. Some vibrant or chromatic (like we saw in Samsung Note 10).

5g Connectivity

We are pretty sure about this though. The 5g connectivity has to be in the new Samsung Galaxy S11. The only thing is that we hope it stays a little affordable.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 – Full-Screen Display

The infinite display has been a holy grail for all the brands in the phone industry for some time now: a bezel-less, full-screen, corner to corner display with a slight cutout or a notch to house the front-facing camera. And Samsung is the first one to give an infinite screen by all means. The biggest question around the world is how big would be the display size. The screen size is not leaked yet but we know that is would be wider and better.

Camera Improvements – This Can Be Game-Changing

Samsung Galaxy S10 had a triple camera setup. A 12 megapixels main camera sensor, the second one was also a 12-megapixel camera sensor but with a telephoto lens and the third one, 16 megapixels with an ultra-wide camera sensor.  the triple camera is generally what we all expect in the new generation smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Even the affordable and mid-range handsets possess a triple or quad camera setup. Samsung needs to up its game with the camera and leaves people amazed. There is no second option but the camera to be a quad or triple with the sensors that will give flawless pictures.

The initial images shot by the company to test the new camera sensor are quite promising under the normal light conditions. The detailing is very impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S11 In A Nutshell

We can’t say that the price would not increase on S11 but people expect a slight update in price. The last phones were already so expensive, Samsung Galaxy S11 Price in UAE would be more or less the same. The specifications and rumors are pointing toward an extravagant range, maybe similar to that of the iPhone 11 series but let’s hope for the best. 

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