Samsung Galaxy S10 Review, Price and Launch in UAE

May 8, 2018

One of the best smartphones of 2018 is Samsung Galaxy S9 in Dubai. While the South Korean giant is still enjoying the fruits of the latest handset, the rumours started to flow around about the upcoming Samsung smartphone. Alleged to be the Samsung Galaxy S10, the smartphone is in works with the codename ‘Beyond’. We are hearing the Galaxy handset to boast an advanced camera, bezel-less display, along with the better battery life. Here, let us have a quick review of all those rumours, leaks and latest news that surface online in these recent days about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Bezel-Free Design

It seems like the South Korean giant is striving hard enough to feature a bezel-free design with the upcoming flagship. The new patent suggests a new smartphone offering completely bezel-less smartphones. Furthermore, it is likely to have a fingerprint reader integrated into the display screen. It is even rumoured that this feature will make its debut in the Samsung Note series smartphones. Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date UAE is expected to be in 2019, there is a good chance for the upcoming Samsung smartphone to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S9 had an impressive 83.6% body to screen ratio. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is whispered to have infinity display carrying 93% body to screen ratio. As for the naming strategy, we have already seen the Samsung S series devices from S2 to S9. obviously, the next flagship will be named after Samsung Galaxy S10 in Dubai. Few rumours claim that this may not happen. Following the Apple iPhone X pattern, the South Korean giant may prefer using Samsung Galaxy X which is rumoured to be the Samsung foldable smartphone. Apart from Samsung Galaxy X in Dubai, Samsung is even planning to launch few other smartphones. Check here for the best upcoming Samsung smartphones in 2018.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors

Rumours hint the Samsung Galaxy S10 to have the latest generation Samsung Exynos chipset and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC based on the location. Furthermore, we are aware that South Korean giant is working on its own chipset that will be in testing phase by 2019 which coincides with the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date. Samsung Galaxy S9 had an impressive feature especially with the dual aperture camera setup on the rear end. Though it offers intelligent scan technology for facial recognition, it is not secure enough as in Apple iPhone X. So, we expect the upcoming Samsung flagship to have an advanced 3D facial recognition that can compete with Apple’s 3D sensing technology. Elsewhere, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is tipped to support UFS 3.0 storage which is two times faster than UFS 2.0. It may even offer 5G connectivity option.


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Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date and Price in UAE

Though the exact Samsung Galaxy S10 release date UAE is unknown, considering the history of releases, it is expected to appear sometime in 2019. Probably, the Mobile world congress(MWC) 2019 will be the best platform to announce the innovative Samsung Galaxy S10. With the MWC 2019 event scheduled for 25 February, it is sensible for the Galaxy S10 to make its appearance a day earlier that is on 24 February. Continuing with the prediction about the Samsung Galaxy S10 price in UAE, we can imagine it to launch in with a bit higher price than Samsung Galaxy S9. Considering its added features, it is reasonable to pay few extra bucks.

You can even check out the rumoured Samsung foldable smartphone specs that is likely to be called as Samsung Galaxy X. Check here for the Samsung Galaxy X release date and features.

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  • Samsung galaxy s10 is in the best upcoming mobile list and a lot has been heard about this device. Samsung galaxy s10 is the most awaiting smartphone and iam looking forward for this smartphone galaxy s10 release date.

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  • Front-facing camera may either pop up or be built into the screen and less bezel screen these are really amazing of Samsung Galaxy S10 features . 3D facial recognition this would be a great replacement to facial recognition in smartphones.Samsung Galaxy S10 is tipped to support UFS 3.0 storage which is two times faster than UFS 2.0. It may even offer 5G connectivity option.

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  • bezel less display and finger print sensor under the display are the worth mentioning Samsung Galaxy S10 specifications.this is still not confirmed whether samsung Galaxy S10 is going to be the upcoming foldable smartphone .as the release date of this smartphone is not confirmed ,it is anticipated that samsung galaxy S10 relaese date will be in the mid of 2019.

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