Samsung Galaxy S10 – Release Date, Phone Specifications, Price, Concept 2019!

August 14, 2018

It has been only a few days since Samsung has launched the much-awaited Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. Now that device is almost ready for sale, let us now focus on the brand’s next handset from the S Series. The upcoming Samsung smartphone named Galaxy S10 is currently on the minds of many gadget lovers. Details of this handset have been surfacing online every now and then. And so, we present you a review of this device with all the details including hardware, camera, display along with Samsung Galaxy S10 price in Dubai.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leaks and Updates:

The new leaks and rumors are trending up as the phone leaks are dropping through many sources.  Samsung Galaxy S10 is now very near to release and it is not going to be a single set as the upcoming S10 has three variants with the different specifications and sizes.  There are two  upcoming events Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress in 2019 for which the speculations hints towards the release of the three models of Samsung Galaxy S10 in any one of these events, however the latest details ensures about  some superior constituents of the smartphone comprises of the 5G connectivity secondly there are other highlighting aspects including ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner, the Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 855, was benchmarked recently using the popular testing application AnTuTu. These specifications drop perfection for the optimization of the performance and battery life.  The 3D sonic in-display scanner is creating a lot of hype, this system functions with a three-dimensional mold of the fingertip by bouncing sound waves off the skin through the display, makes it far more accurate than optical sensors that compare the pattern of the fingerprint.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Setup Revealed:

Interestingly, the selfie camera leaks are much advance as there is pinhole camera set up in Samsung Galaxy S10. Moreover, the predictions also suggest that Samsung is about to bring the triple-camera system on the rear of the phone, bringing wide-angle shots including the advance bokeh-blur blur to the background of Live Focus portrait photographs. Some major sources reveal that Samsung is also considering ditching the 3.5mm audio port. The recently released flagships like OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro favors optical sensors in terms of the security so the Samsung could be a great rival in just the beginning of the year 2019 to break the 2018 competitors market. The 6.1 inches of bezel-less screen display would be another astonishing feature of S10 eventually will enhance the gaming and media experience. Conversely there are other two models S10 Plus and S10 Lite expected with the leaked specifications permits a 6.4-inch display and two holes for a dual-camera setup and a 5.8-inch display with a punch hole for the camera in the middle respectively, whereas, the rear camera placement is exactly in the vogue of Galaxy Note 9 but there are complications in the front dual camera placement some of the rumors suggest it to be in center and some have aligned it in the right corner integrated into screen with a plate.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumored Features:

Seems like, 2018 is going to be a great year for the South Korean manufacturer as the Galaxy Note 9 is already on the way to success and the S10 is almost all set for the launch. A number of sources have been providing information about this new handset, which will be the tenth model in the S Series. Based on these sources, the S10 will sport an Infinity display that will go almost without bezels. This is certain as we could see the recent smartphones starting from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy Note 9, being offered with a bezel-less design. Most probably, the Samsung Galaxy S10 features a Super AMOLED display with a screen to body ratio of 93%. The display of the standard S10 model might measure 5.8-inches, whereas the screen size might go up to 6.2-inches for the Plus version. Meanwhile, it is also being speculated to come with a third model probably with a 6.44-inch display. All the three models might come with a short body with bezels removed from both the top and bottom ends. Other Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors also mention that the S10 will sport a fingerprint scanner under its display, probably made by Qualcomm.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Previously, we have seen triple rear cameras in the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 Pro smartphones. Possibly, it is now the turn of Samsung to offer its next handset with the same feature. As the rumors suggest, this smartphone will have a triple camera setup in the rear. Although there is no mention of the sensors these cameras will come with, but it is indeed a great move from the brand. And at the front, the handset is expected to sport dual selfie cameras of 16MP and 8MP just as in the Samsung Galaxy A8. According to a few reports, the brand might ditch the iris scanner and instead, bestow it with a 3D sensing camera, probably for face recognition purpose just as in the Apple iPhone X.

On the other hand, Samsung might even plan to include high-quality speakers on the screen along with an earpiece. Although there is no confirmation about this yet, the company has previously expressed its interest in introducing a sound emitting display in its upcoming phones. Interestingly, this technology has already been displayed at an industry expo recently.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Specifications:

As of now, no official details have been revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S10 specifications. But most of the sources online are hinting at the handset to come incorporated with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. This chipset of 7nm is said to be quite smaller than the previous ones. However, when it comes to performance, it will be more powerful, fast and efficient compared to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, which is used in several devices like Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, OnePlus 6, HTC U12 Plus and many others. Besides, this chipset is also rumored to offer excellent support for theoretical download speeds. As for the memory, Samsung Galaxy S10 in Dubai is speculated to come with 8GB RAM. However, we can also expect another variant with RAM of 6GB. In addition to all these, a few other features that are likely to be present in the upcoming Galaxy S10 include the latest Android operating system, long-lasting battery with fast charging, Samsung DeX support, improved AR Emojis, Bixby button, a new design and more additions for better camera performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date In UAE:

The year 2019 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Samsung Galaxy S Series. Most probably, the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date in UAE will be announced the next year. To be more specific, the company might release it at the MWC 2019 even that will be hosted in the month of February.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Price In UAE:

As for the cost, without a doubt, this upcoming handset will come with a hefty price tag. Although there is no update about the Samsung Galaxy S10 price in UAE yet, rumors suggest it to be more than the price of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

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  • samsung galaxy s10 features are really impressing , i am following each and evary update about this smartphone and i am eagerly waiting for samsung galaxy s10 smartphone to launch ,i am very sure galaxy s10 is going to be the best smartphone next to galaxy note 9.cant wait more for this.

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  • triple rear cameras in Samsung Galaxy S10 is more appealing to me .till date no smartphone with triple camera setup are released .Not just this Samsung Galaxy S10 has several other impressing features.dual selfie cameras of 16MP and 8MP for perfect selfie . not is confirmed about samsung galaxy s10 ,hope to know more regarding samsung galaxy S10 release date and galaxy S10 price.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Infinity display that will go almost without bezels is something amazing, as bezel less smartphones are trending these days.finger print scanner under the display make samsung galaxy S10 features different from other model smartphones.

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