Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy S10 Plus

November 17, 2019

There is no doubt that Samsung has plenty to offer in the smartphone sector! Refined design, bigger display screen, and top-end specifications. Sometimes it becomes quite hard enough to choose the best. Samsung offers two series of flagship smartphones- Galaxy S-series and Galaxy Note series. Of these, the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones feature a bigger display screen with stylus support and costs more. Though the distinction of these series is clearly visible, the latest generation Samsung smartphones are changed. Two of the Samsung handsets that clearly compete with each other with incredible performance are- Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Dubai and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Keeping the S-Pen feature aside, there are some differences to look for to choose the best fit. Here, we will break down the differences to make you better understand which is worthy enough to spend.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy S10 Plus: Design & Display

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus features a bigger display of 6.4-inches with a pixel resolution of 3040 X 1440. While the Galaxy Note 10 in Dubai offers an inch less at 6.3-inches and delivers a resolution of 3040 X 1440 pixels. Both the devices have the same hole-punch display but differ in the placement. Even the camera layout differs, While the Galaxy S10 Plus Dubai gets the horizontal strip arrangement, the Note 10 camera is arranged vertically on the left end.

Note 10 Vs S10 plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy S10 Plus: Performance

Both the smartphones are powered by the octa-core processor but differ in terms of the manufacturer based on the location. The Galaxy S10 Plus packs in the Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor that offers smooth performance while the Note 10 ships in with Qualcomm SD 855+. The Note 10 in UAE and Galaxy S10 Plus Dubai comes in with the same 8GB RAM, irrespective of the internal storage option (256GB/512GB) you choose. The 1TB version of Galaxy S10 plus offers 12GB of RAM which is an added advantage. Now, it depends on your usage of which smartphone you need. There is one for everyone with a similar level of performance.

Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy S10 Plus: Camera

When compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 10 gets an additional camera. The 16MP ultra-wide camera and a 12MP wide-angle camera with variable aperture are now paired with a 12MP telephoto lens with an f/2.1 aperture size. The front hole-punch display houses a 10MP snapper with f/2.2. On the other end, the Galaxy S10 Plus also has the same triple camera setup but lacks in the feature of variable wide-angle aperture. On the front is a dual setup(10MP+ 8MP) rather than single(10MP) on Note 10 thus making it a wise option to capture selfies.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy S10 Plus: Battery

As the usage of smartphones increased, everyone is looking for the best smartphone offering massive battery life. Where the Note 10 is still stuck with 3500mAh battery, the S10 Plus has gone ahead with 4100mAh capacity. Considering the capacity, we expect the S10 Plus to render more battery life comparatively. Another deciding factor is the charging as the S10 Plus only gets 15W charger, whereas the Note 10 comes with a 25-watt charger. This means, despite the lower capacity, it can charge up faster than the S10 Plus.

NOte 10 VS S10 Plus

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Vs Galaxy S10 Plus Price in UAE

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price in UAE, the LTE version costs AED 3485 and the 5G version gets a price tag of AED 3852. On the other end, the S10 Plus price in Dubai differ according to the storage variant. The 128GB version costs AED 3669, 512GB costs AED 4587 and the 1TB edition is AED 5872 with 12GB RAM. Yes! Both the devices have a higher price tag as they are top-end smartphones, high. However, you never get to compromise on performance or the memory from these Galaxy smartphones. So, the device you choose solely depends on needs and budget.

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