Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + 5G Price in Dubai and Review

September 18, 2019

The hype of the incredible Samsung Galaxy S10 was not finished yet, and Samsung already popped a new phone to its Note series. Now that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + 5g is officially here, it’s time to find out what new features are introduced in note 10. Including features like improvements to the phone’s front camera, the four rear cameras, large and true infinite display, and new S Pen capabilities, Samsung Note 10 has a lot more. It will also be interesting to find out how many of the rumors and leaks turned out to be true. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 UAE price is kind of high, but the device is worth your money. Let’s find out more about the phone’s distinctive specifications in depth.

Quad Camera Setup

The camera result is not so exciting if you compare it with the S10 and S10 Plus. Though Samsung took a big step and topped its Galaxy S10 models with a Galaxy Note 10 that offers not three, four cameras on the rear. That exactly matches the number that Huawei has on its flagship P30 Pro phone. The quad-camera setup paves the way for Samsung to offer a standard camera, a telephoto lens, like the 5x optical zoom lens which Samsung has just introduced into its production, and an ultra-wide snapper like the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. The fourth camera is a time-of-flight sensor which is a depth-sensing technology.

The triple rear camera gives you a 12 megapixels wide camera sensor, 16 megapixels ultra-wide sensor and a 12 megapixels telephoto sensor with 2X optical zoom. All together you get an excellent setup for photography and cinematography from the phone. The front camera is 10 megapixels and wide-angled so that you can get flawless selfies with your friends and family.

The major part of the improvement in camera depends upon the flawless video recording of Samsung Galaxy Note 10. the option of live focus is introduced in videos too which gives the background blur or bokeh effect in motion pictures aka videos too. Isn’t that cool? Note 10 is the first one to introduce this feature so perfectly.

New S pen and Air Command Upgrade

Air Command features like the ability to switch between photos without touching the Note 10’s display, that’s one of the cool features of this phone. Samsung usually introduces something new every time. Like the last year, with Note 9, Samsung added Bluetooth connectivity. This time, there is a lot of fun stuff that indulges with the new S pen update, one of which is the sound effect capabilities for when you’re taking notes with the S Pen. Samsung Note10 Dubai price is high, probably because of the upgrades in accessories.

Note 10+ Spen

The most fun feature related to S pen is the AR Doodle. This new and unique feature helps you to write over moving images. You can make and edit your images in a joyous way.

Also, you get certain gesture controls to some of the apps like camera, music, and gallery by just the motion direction of S pen. For now, this feature is available for the Samsung apps only, but the company is working on getting third-party access.

Performance and Infinity Display

The most significant change in the design in Samsung phones is the infinite screen with a small cut-out. You can find the snapdragon 855 processor, which is the same line up as Samsung Galaxy S10. The other version is fitted in with Exynos 9825 processor. Both of these versions are out class because these are the latest processors that provide lag-free and long-lasting performance. The resolution and colors are clear, vibrant, and bright in sunlight too.

The frame of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + 5g is of good quality metal, and the back is made of shiny glass. The theme this time is Aura which gives a very lovely holographic finish. The color options you get are Aura black, Aura glow, which is a combination of blue and white and Aura Pink. The memory of the phone is quite sufficient too. It packs in 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage, but there is no slot for micro SD cards. Who needs the memory card when you have so much space to fill in your stuff, right?

Samsung has patented technology that places sensors on the sides of the device to activate certain features. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has some of those gestures too. The screen of this device is broad and classy. Just like the last phone, you can see an infinity O screen type in Note 10 as well.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + 5g Price in Dubai UAE

As compared to the last phones from the Samsung Note series, the UAE price would not have much difference. It would be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy S10 but Samsung Note 10 price in UAE. If you are a digital artist of a photographer, you can invest in right in this new phone.

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