Samsung Galaxy Fold Price in Dubai and Reviews

September 19, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the most impressive smartphones of 2019, which the company kept behind a solid glass case at events. Samsung neglected to keep the Samsung Galaxy Fold a secret yet the phone still figured out how to get all the consideration it deserved. While it’s alright to state that it’s one of the most competitive phones from Samsung, it’s certainly not for everybody.

Why was Galaxy Fold Delayed?

 The Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed because the company was facing some issues and failures with the display. Hence postponing the release date was a feasible option. Many units of Fold broke when the protective layer was removed off the display. Now, many metal layers are induced within the screen to give it a more rigid and protected feel.

The company needed to delay the launch date as Samsung would never want to disappoint its users. Samsung faced a difficult time to reach to this point but the efforts pay off brilliantly.

The phone might have some negatives but the pros cover all of the cons perfectly. Read further to discover more about this device including release date the Samsung Galaxy Fold Dubai price.

Unique Folding Design

Samsung considers the Galaxy Fold has the most intuitive design plan for a foldable phone, with the screen enveloping itself to provide stability and unique structure, pretty much as a laptop. The book-like folding effect does feel like a naive way to open the phone, and it’s assuredly easier to get better grips. The phone is handy and sleek looking when it is folded but unfolding the beasts unlocks the true capabilities to enjoy every spec of it and still look rick and classy.

If you open up the Galaxy Fold fully, you’ll see the 4.6 inches HD+ Super AMOLED screen when fold. A 7.3-inch display with the 20-parts of dual-axis hinge lock into place, limiting you from over-extending the display. Samsung Galaxy Fold price in UAE is so high as compared to other phones that you might have to twice, maybe thrice, before investing in this beautiful design.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Design

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Six Cameras In One Smart Phone

All the cameras which were introduced in the new Galaxy S series are a character of the new Galaxy Fold as well. People get three cameras on the back: one 12-megapixel 52mm telephoto sensor, one 12-megapixel 26mm wide sensor, and a new 16-megapixel 12mm ultra-wide sensor. If you are wondering that what is different here, it is a 10-megapixel cover camera with f/2.2 aperture. There are two more cameras at the front on the wide 7.3-inch screen.

There is the Google Pixel 3 if you are only looking for a great camera focused phone in the market. These phones are pretty good but not even near to the Samsung Galaxy Fold UAE price, which is because of its other features. In the portrait mood, the phone is doing good. The subject and the background difference is impeccable.

If we talk about the selfie camera, again, it’s remarkable. From the detailing to the colors, every single detailing is to die for. The HDR mood for pictures works as good as for the rear camera. The HDR kick is some serious fun.

Samsung galaxy Fold Camera

Multi-Active Window Mode And Performance

There are several ways to use the Samsung Galaxy Fold. When it is closed, the ‘phone mode’ offers you a one-handed control for tasks such as music playback or calls. Split into two screens was common nowadays but in Samsung Galaxy Fold you can also use two or three different apps side-by-side on the massive display in multi-window mode. All of this is done by just sliding one of your fingers on the screen. This phone can be perfect for business or a social media freak maybe.

Discussing the performance, how can we forget the battery timings? The Samsung Galaxy Fold supports the most powerful and thumping battery. It is equipped with a 4,380mAH battery, which means a whole day of usage on a single charge. About the fast charging, yes, that exists. Galaxy Fold sports 15W of both wireless and wired charging.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Performance

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Price in Dubai, UAE

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is not for all of us and the price in Dubai will give you the reason why. This phone is very big and probably heavy too. If you are facing any issues with something handy to work on, this is your go. Use it as a mini laptop or a tablet.

The best part is that even when the device is folded, you can’t say that it is not slim anymore. It feels light and thin as is. A weird fact but it’s a fact anyways. We know the phone is pricey. It is worth it, trust me.

So what do you think? Ready to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold?

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