Samsung Galaxy Fold 2: Release Date, News, Rumors and More

October 22, 2019

There is no secret of the South Korean giant working on Samsung Galaxy Fold sequel. It is now the teasing handset in the market which is claimed to be Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Though this foldable smartphone is yet to be available in certain countries, this dis not stop the company to shift its focus to second-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold. Instead of the unfurling like a book, the Galaxy Fold 2 Dubai unfolds along the horizontal axis thus remembering the traditional flip model smartphone. If this is to be true, then it becomes the ultra-compact handset when not in use. Let us learn more about this Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 price in Dubai, release date, rumors, and more.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Release Date UAE

There is no official information on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date UAE. However, the rumors roll around the Galaxy Fold 2 release in April 2020 at a lower price point than the current model. The company might take the MWC 2020 as a platform to announce this innovative model. In case, the company is successful in incorporating the new technology, it could be the best way to cut down costs and create a trendy phone for 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 News and Rumors

Though the Galaxy Fold features a flexible display, it still is a complicated phone with a lot of moving parts. This makes it a bit difficult to include the in-display camera. Despite the complexity, it is said that Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 UAE is likely to bring in an in-display camera. Few rumors claim that the South Korean giant is currently working on a technology called UDC- “under-display camera”. This further avoids the need for any notches or pop-up camera to house the front sensor. Reports also state that Samsung is using Hole in the Active Area or HiAA.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

The original Galaxy Fold houses the polymer-based 7.3-inch Super AMOLED display with a special glue to laminate the display layers. Moreover, it comes in with an unremovable screen protector. Well! The reason behind not using the glass display is it doesn’t fold. One of the latest rumors suggests that production of UTG which goes through an additional process to temper it further. This suggests the new material to be fragile and less prone to scratching. However, the glass is easily breakable than the plastic screen.

Unlike the Galaxy fold that was designed to be a device that morphs into a tablet, Samsung’s new model will be a 6.7-inch smartphone that folds along the horizontal thus giving access to an ultra-compact device when folded. Additionally, when folded you will find a 1-inches display to read notifications. However, this model has some inherent advantages as in the unfolded size equals certain premium-sized Samsung smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Moreover, durability shouldn’t be a concern as the screen remains protected when closed.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Price in UAE

The alleged Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 packs in only 256GB storage. Since there is no availability of the 512GB model there is every chance for the price drop. It is unsure whether the South Korean giant will downgrade certain features or hardware to reduce the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 price in Dubai. Since all these details are in rumors, we suggest to take it with a pinch of salt until official information is available.

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