Samsung Galaxy Earbuds 2019

October 9, 2019

Wireless devices are the future of the new generation. We all are pretty aware of the hype when Apple house introduced the Airpods. Airpods were the wireless earphones that can be connected to your Apple devices with the help of Bluetooth. After the Apple Airpods, the tech world is up with something news and fancier this time. Of course, the step is taken by Samsung. Samsung was never known for a series of headphones or any mobile accessory like that. But this time the company is genuinely up with a pair of earbuds. Samsung Galaxy Buds are the new puff in the market. Pair your Samsung Galaxy Buds with your devices, tablets or phones that support Bluetooth and you are good to go.

Samsung galaxy earbuds 2019

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What’s New and Why Should You Get Samsung earbuds 2019?

The latest line-up of Samsung is the Galaxy earbuds that are truly wireless. These earbuds are the most comfortable accessories to put in your ears. They are almost weightless and feels like nothing in your ear. But what’s the catch? The sound of Galaxy earbuds are thumping and supports AKG. There is a lot to this new addition in the Samsung market. Let’s just get into the details and know more about the device.


Design of Galaxy Earbuds

As per the Samsung company, these earbuds sound good, looks good and feels good. They are small and you can find these in four colors in the market. There are two standard colors and two vibrant colors. The standard colors are White and Black while the vibrant colors are Yellow and Aura Glow Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds 2019 colors

Samsung Galaxy comes in a wireless charging case of the same color in which you buy the ear-buds. You jog or dance, the ear-buds won’t trouble you at all. These are sweatproof and waterproof.

The Sound and Performance

Tech and sound wise these are the best buy for you if you love music or your talk-time gives you a tough time. They auto-sense your moves. If you’ll take one or both out of your ear, the audio will automatically pause. Smart, right? Listen and chat the whole day without any hassle. You’ll also be getting an ambient sound mode. This mode will allow you to listen in on your surroundings without removing the earbuds. Audio is by AGK and is high-quality.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Battery and Connectivity

You can use this the whole day in small intervals. A charge of 15 minutes gives you the usage of almost two hours. And this is a great deal as compared to other similar devices. These have a decent battery life of 6 hours on a single charge. For the connectivity, the wireless case supports USB-C cable for charging, whereas the ear-buds support Bluetooth connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds 2019 charge

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Final Verdict on Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Soun-wise and by the look of Samsung Galaxy Earbuds, we can say that it is a pretty decent release. The sound is really good. Although we noticed that the bass is a little weak but that won’t affect most of the users.

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