The First Samsung Foldable Phone Officially Revealed

November 8, 2018

he advancement of technology and modernization have infused into our lives through everything, all the latest devices whether it is a laptop, tablet, or a smartphone are released with the upgraded features every next day.  This high competition on to the digital devices has made companies to thought out of the box for bringing up the best futuristic product. As for the mobile phone industry, we have observed the Nokia era in which it was on top afterward the smartphones innovation influenced the market and things were then completely transformed for the mobile phones.  In the recent years we have witnessed the modification in the smartphones as the bezel-less full infinity display phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the camera placement into the mechanical set up like the upcoming Honor Magic 2 but the bombastic innovation of recent time is the screen foldability and Samsung has revealed its first Samsung Foldable Phone of 2018 which has created a big fuss in the smartphone market in UAE as the expectations are high for the upcoming Samsung smartphones.

All the Latest Updates:

The foldability concept is similar to what we have been expecting from the start, the recent release of Royole FlexPai has marked the standard with its first foldable smartphone and Samsung who has been teasing its foldable smartphone for the last 5 years now has dropped the actual footage and revelation of the device. The excited fans in Dubai are intrigued to know about more of this ultra-advance phone, however, we have grabbed some factual details of the Samsung foldable phone. It has the Infinity Flex Display that can bend shut eventually an advancement that will start the next major shakeup in the industry. It may mean the dual demise of the smartphone and the tablet but if the reality meets long-awaited expectation the mourning period will be short and we will soon have the hands-on Samsung foldable phone.

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Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung Foldable Phone Details:

The Samsung foldable smartphone news has sparked like a fire in the industry of mobile phones in Dubai, on the other hand, Samsung remained very smart by just revealing the basic physical design and concept of its future smartphone at the event of Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Samsung Electronics spokesman was focused to describe the beneficial elements of the new Samsung foldable smartphone by saying that “Users now have the best of both worlds: a compact smartphone that unfolds to reveal a larger immersive display for multitasking and viewing content, In addition, users can browse, watch, connect and multitask without losing a beat, simultaneously using three active apps on the larger display.” To the fans in Dubai and globally the good news is that on unfold the Samsung foldable phone turns in to a massive size tablet of the 7.3-inch display. There is no confirmation of about how Samsung will brand the phone whereas, the major reason of the revelation was to boost up the Android developers to make the most of it.

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samsung foldable phone

Samsung Foldable Phone Release Date in UAE:

The release date of the Samsung foldable smartphone is not officially confirmed but the hints dropped by Samsung indicate that the phone will be released around the next year 2019.

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Samsung Foldable Phone Price in UAE:

Samsung foldable phone price in Dubai would be at steep to gain the maximum profit.  The advance and premium price tag is expected to be attached with the phone but there is not the authentic source or estimation for the price of Samsung foldable smartphone in Dubai.


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