Samsung CEO Confirms The First Foldable Phone Could Be Released This Year

September 8, 2018

After several years of rumors, finally, the Samsung CEO confirms the existence of the foldable that is likely to be unveiled this year. Samsung CEO, DJ Koh claimed that they will be launching the new Samsung foldable phone probably before 2018 ends. It is a known fact that the South Korean giant has been in works on the foldable smartphone for many months and now “Its time to deliver”. The Samsung foldable phone 2018 was rumored to be called as Samsung Galaxy X or Samsung Galaxy F. In one of the interview, Koh claimed that the company will ensure the foldable phone concept, not a gimmick. Since they are trying to introduce a completely innovative smartphone, it is ensuring to deliver the best user experience ever. He further added that the phones complicated production process is almost to be concluded. This means the Samsung smartphone is ready to be made available to the public by the end of this year. Additionally, Samsung is trying to differentiate the usage of phone while unfolded from that of using a tablet.

Samsung Foldable phone 2018

The patents filed also suggest that the foldable phone will almost work as a tablet when unfolded and will be thicker than the present generation smartphones. From the previous leaks, we have also got to hear many astonishing features of the upcoming Samsung foldable phone in UAE. Though the exact Samsung foldable phone release date is not made official, it is confirmed that you will get to see the first foldable phone by the end of this year. Apart from Samsung, even Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo are looking for the foldable display manufacturers for their handsets.

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Talking about the Samsung foldable phone 2018 to IFA electronics, Koh stated that “You can use most of the uses … on foldable status. But when you need to browse or see something, then you may need to unfold it. But even unfolded, what kind of benefit does that give compared to the tablet? If the unfolded experience is the same as the tablet, why would they (consumers) buy it?,
“So every device, every feature, every innovation should have a meaningful message to our end customer. So when the end customer uses it, (they think) ‘wow, this is the reason Samsung made it’.”

When thinking about a foldable phone, we assume it to be similar to the traditional flip phone with a hinge connecting two different parts. This is not the case with Samsung foldable phone in Dubai, it is trying to focus on developing an actual display screen that bends. Koh further stated that more details would be revealed at the Samsung Developer conference in November 2018.

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Samsung Foldable Phone Specs

Moving on to the Samsung Foldable phone specs, apart from preferring to include innovative design, it might include impressive specs that can allow it to charge higher and make it competitive in the smartphone market. Specifying the foldable phone functionality, Koh stated that almost ever functioning is possible when the device is folded, however, if you need to carry out some extra tasks such as watch movies or browse for something then it needs to be unfolded. Almost every feature included will be an innovation that would definitely add a meaningful message to the end user. Recently, Samsung unveiled a new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a dual-rear camera and Dual OIS. The upgraded S-pen stylus support is an added advantage and allows users to use it as a remote to click selfies, have a control over music and more. Additionally, it comes in with the fast wireless charging support and is even IP68 certified.

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Samsung Foldable phoneIrrespective of the specifications that Samsung foldable phone is likely to integrate, it will definitely be a great differentiation over other smartphone companies. If we remember, the upcoming device is ought to have a 7.3-inches display when unfolded and will be of 4.5-inches diagonally when folded. Considering the details, the Samsung foldable phone price would definitely be around AED 1500. Now that the foldable phone concept came into reality, we just need to wait until the official Samsung foldable phone release date to know more details.

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