How to run your old PC games on Windows 10

June 19, 2018

Despite the going trend of PS4 and Xbox one games, there still exists some old PC games that we would like to play on latest Windows 10 Operating system. As Windows is getting modernized thus making it match the latest games, it becomes quite tricky to play old games on your PC or laptop running on Windows 10. We are here to help! Here we have gathered few basic methods that let you run old PC games on the latest version of Windows with an ease. While most of the classic games may support Windows 10, but there exists some applications on Windows 98, Windows XP that cease to function. Due to this, some of the games may not work. However, before you give up on them, try out these tips that can keep old PC games running in a modest OS.

Reasons That Refuse To Play Old Games on Windows 10

Well! Before looking at the tips to make run the old games on Windows 10, first, let us discover some basic reasons that are making the old games to be ceased on your PC or tablet. One of the prominent reasons is the software dependency on old libraries and they are no longer updated automatically. Moreover, the latest 64-bit architecture of Windows 10 has no compatibility layer for 16-bit version Windows applications. On the top, the Windows 10 now no longer work on DOS. Despite this, some DOS programs tend to run. Now that we got to know of some of the reasons that stop old PC games or programs running on Windows 10, let us see further some methods to overcome this and make it run on the PC or laptop running on Windows 10.

Methods To Run Old PC Games On Windows 10

Using Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

The games that are compatible with Windows XP or Windows 98 are not supporting on Windows 10? Then, try out using the Windows 10 feature called ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’. This integrated program detects and fixes any compatibility issues. Go to start menu, search for run programs, select the appropriate troubleshooter. Then click on Advanced and run as administrator-→ click next. Now, it automatically scans for the compatibility issues. If you find the required application, then you can now run the game of Windows 10. If not listed, then select ‘Not Listed’ option and click next. Browse through the options for the required old PC game and continue to try recommended settings. Once the setting is applied, test the program and click next.


Run As Administrator

Most of the Windows XP games are compatible with Windows 10, except for a few. In case, you find an older game not working, try experimenting on it using shortcut file or, .exe file. Right click on the application and select run as administrator to get all those necessary permissions.
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Virtual Machines May Help

One of the special features of Windows 7 is Windows XP mode. This is just a virtual machine program that comes in with a free Windows XP license. Though Windows 10 doesn’t have this feature, still you can make a virtual machine for yourself. You just need a separate virtual machine program such as VirtualBox and install it on your system to run an older version of the game on Windows 10 device.

Installing CD-ROM Games

Have an old DOS game that is refusing to run on Windows 10 PC? Try using DOSBox as it can serve your purpose. DOSBox is a free application that can allow all those DOS games and applications, thus bringing classic games back to the world. You even have the option to purchase games through which comes as a pre-package to run on DOSBox.


While the Windows 10 uses the Microsoft Edge as the default browser, try changing the browser if all the above methods don’t work. However, some of the old PC games have the latest version software as well. So, try finding the latest version of the game before you start exploring the ideas to make the old PC games run on Windows 10. Hopefully, these compatibility settings and options shared will get those games running on your PC again.

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