7 Ways To Repair Computer By Your Own

December 14, 2018

There can be many issues while using the computer system as it is a complicated machine with the numerous features of support.  This can be an annoying thing if you feel that the system has suddenly stopped, lagged or hanged.  However while completing some important task or doing some urgent work sudden you face a mishap in the system eventually turns out to be an idleness brining unproductivity, that time you instantly want your system to be backed up in its original state rather than anything because of the urgency it doesn’t allow you to go and look for a repairman or computer system expert, for the timely and immediate tincture there are seven detailed solutions discussed below to repair computer by your own from any unfortunate mishap of hanging or lagging.

7 Ways To Repair Computer By Your Own

Remove Viruses and Malware

The first thing for in the steps of repair computer by your own, run the antivirus. Sometimes the data and sensitive files and folder being infected by the viruses or malware It is the most sensitive thing which can damage and destroy the functionality of the computer or laptop. To overcome such issue look for the antiviruses available online as the free trial and download it, afterwards run the antivirus and wait for it to detect the infected files subsequently remove those files whereas, for the detailed check-up of the system you may need to pay for the premium version, the best antiviruses you can download from internet for the free trials are AVG Antivirus Free, Avast Free Antivirus and Avira Free Antivirus.  Moreover, this can be time-consuming effort and for the extreme infection, it can be a failed attempt as well to vanish the malware.

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Reinstall the Operating System

If you still feel that the heaviness of the system is not removed by the first step of to repair computer by your own after running the antivirus then you can follow the next step which is the reinstallation of the operating system. When dealing with a computer that’s become bogged down by start-up programs and toolbars, a simple Windows reinstall is often the fastest, easiest solution eventually this can eliminate the other issues you might be experiencing such as file corruption or weird errors. While it’s often possible to troubleshoot these things by replacing corrupted files and bad drivers, it’s usually faster to just reset Windows back to its factory state. The latest systems somehow have the option of factory restore partitions or can utilize the given CDs and DVDs for the restoration process. For the Windows 8, use the Refresh or Reset feature to easily reinstall Windows. There are chances to lose some files during this procedure so make sure you save the important data earlier than this.

7 Ways To Repair Computer By Your Own

Remove Included Bloatware

PC systems or laptops could have some extra or irritating software to slow it even if you have reset it or purchased a fresh one. As per the manufacturing terms and conditions, these programs are intentionally added into the system to slow it down which clutters the system tray. As next into steps of repair computer by your own follow the below instructions.

There are three general ways to remove the bloatware:

PC Decrapifier is designed to eliminate any bloatware so download it and run, it will detect and uninstall it automatically.

Another way to do it manually, you can do it by going into the control panel, then select the Uninstall a program option, this will lead to the list of all the programs installed into the system and from it, you can select and delete the unwanted programs and bloatware gradually.

One more thing can be done and that is reinstalling of the windows. Start from the initial by downloading the programs you need and required only rather than the bulk of additionally unwanted bloatware.

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Build Your Own Computer

To avoid all the chances of problems one thing can be done and that is building up the own system by PC & laptop accessories, hard drives, and motherboards conversely to the purchase of a new laptop or computer desktop the purchase of own system is quite easy by choosing and selecting the required brand of each component and desired hardware installation ultimately makes it cheap and much reliable than buying a new one. For the assembling you need to follow the basic steps, first chose the desired hardware, then you can fix the things in the processor by yourself using some tools or can get help for it, next set it up through the BIOS after that install the required drivers and software and finally tweak your new computer and voila here your new system is done.

7 Ways To Repair Computer By Your Own

Upgrade Your RAM or Hard Drive

There is another thing you can do that is the upgrading of the RAM or hard drive because sometimes the heavy load of files on the limited RAM and hard drive can make your system slow and delays its processing speed. To speed up the system you will need to add up the RAM and make more space for the files storage which will eventually decrease the lag you can enhance the hard drive.

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RMA Your Computer

The pre-assembled laptops or computer system can have issues or even can get damaged by any means, to overcome this RMA “return merchandise authorization” option can be utilized in the system is in the warranty. You can contact the particular dealer or the company to have the RMA number however the self-built system will have the RMA of each constituent of the system separately and you will need to contact to the manufacturer of the specific faulted part in the system after identifying it.

7 Ways To Repair Computer By Your Own

Recover Deleted Files

Sometimes the system starts creating problems if any important file of the system get missing or deleted accidentally. In such cases, you can recover the deleted files to turn back your system into its original state. For Windows 10 or Windows 8, you can follow these instructions open the folder that used to contain the deleted file and click the History button. File History will display all the files contained in the most recent backup of that folder. Click the Previous button to locate and select the file you want to retrieve and then click the green Restore button to get it back moreover there is 10 Free Data Recovery Software Tools -2018 available online to restore the previous data so you can download those as well.

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