How to Remotely Access Your Computer from Your Phone

June 5, 2018

Thanks to remote access services that make it pretty much easy for you to have a PC remote access. There is definitely a point of time where you are in need to control PC from your phone. Getting remote access to your desktop especially from your smartphone lets you continue with your work irrespective of the location you are in. You will never have to worry about your productivity levels getting reduced. Here are few methods that let you gain access to all those files on the desktop from your Android smartphone. Since it is quite easy to setup and install, every Android need to try out these methods to have a remote PC access from your phone.

Using Google Chrome Remote Desktop

Gain access now to the remote desktop with free remote tools from Google called Google Chrome. This free Google remote tool can be used with browser, Android devices and iOS device. With just a few clicks you can set a windows remote desktop on your handset. Install the application now for which you need to have access remotely. Launch it and enable remote connection option to use it in the future. Next, launch the same web app on the device from which you want the access. Once installed, you will find the details of systems that can be connected under My Computer listing. Just tap on them that asks you to enter a PIN for connecting PCs and laptop to Android device.


Getting Access Via TeamViewer

One of the best options to have a PC remote access is TeamViewer. Install it now, to have an access to your PC from your Android device. Visit play store to find TeamViewer and install it for free to have an access. To enjoy advanced features, there is a paid version or for just personal access free version is enough for your needs. Installation process differs according to the type of OS. Once successfully installed, take a note of TeamViewer ID and default password to link two devices. Before installing, it is always good to learn and understand about TeamViewer and its working process. To gain access, sign up to the TeamViewer account user ID and password on your Android device. Tap on My Computers that show the list of all computers connected to your TeamViewer account. Once connected, you gain access to transfer files and also gives you out the facility to set screen resolution and quality. Being a remote control, there is definitely a chance of having reduced quality, but overall you can have a smooth experience with TeamViewer.


Apart from these two methods, there exist many other software tools from Apple and Microsoft offer for PC remote access. Depending on the necessity, you can choose the option you need. Since the Apple and Microsoft tools being a pricey option, it is better to set your preferences before you make the choice. Furthermore, check here for the 5 best ways to control Android device from PC. Also, read 9 tips to customize an Android smartphone.

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