5 Best Reminder App with Alarm for Android

December 7, 2018

Getting a reminder to remember your daily hassles is such a soothing task that we all would like to experience. In order to have a check on your routine nuisance, here is a list of top reminder app with alarm in Android that you always dreamed to have.

Wunderlist – Best Reminder App With Alarm

Coming up with the most popular reminder app with alarm, Wunderlist provides you a low-key form of Todoist with an access to all the facilities that you were not able to avail in Todoist’s premium featured application. Irrespective of all the similarities between both the applications, Wunderlist provides Task Assignment feature with which you can distribute any academic work between your classmates and monitor their performance overview on daily basis and leave a comment to have a conversation over their progress.  Moreover, it also notifies you about the daily reminders with an inbuilt alarm that recurs according to the plan that you provide to it.

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The compelling features of todoist reminder app with alarm are sufficient enough to have you on board over this exciting application, with multitasking collaboration feature that helps you manage the tasks that you have assigned to your team along with the personal reminders that you can easily set up with this perplexing specs of this amazing application.  Not only that, but it also helps you integrate it with DropBox, Zapier, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT to synchronize all the data that you share in both of the platforms. As every astounding comes with a price, the task assignment and feedback management on collaborative work in the form of reviews are available only in the premium version of todoist.  The subscription charges are as low as $29 per year with all the awe-inspiring features that are packed in this easy-to-use reminder app with alarm to make your life much more easier and convenient, with a justified price structure.

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Google Keep

The note-taking capability of Google Keep reminder with alarm features in it provides the most easily accessible yet simple to understand the procedure to its users. Moreover, the enhanced graphics interface in it makes it one of the best reminder app with alarm.  The spotlight of Google Keep is its accessibility that we obtain even while using it in IOS device or Windows laptop as all the reminders get frequently updated without any hassle.  The geographical alignment of your reminders with your GPS helps you to get notified about your alarms if you want your reminder to buzz up at a specific location. Moreover, it also helps you manage your lists effectively with a pictorial presentation that you wanted to attach in it to make you remember the checklist that you jot down on Google Keep due to your forgetfulness. This ad-free software can be freely downloaded from your Play Store while some of the upgraded android smartphones are facilitated with its pre-installation that you never noticed in your Android handset.

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Being the most versatile application that notifies you about all your alerts with timely alarms based on your priority set-up,  IKE helps you set a matrix in which you jot down all the urgent reminders that you would like to get notified for with an amazing feature to attach pictures along with your alarm with a catchy graphic interface that improves the overall look of the application. Moreover, its premium version also helps you make voice notes that starts buzzing in the form of alarm tone so add your favorite podcasted audio in IKE reminder app with alarm to make your daily routine much more enjoyable than it was ever before.

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BZ Reminder

Being the most acknowledged note-keeping application, the simple yet elegant design of BZ Reminder with alarm and customizable theme gives it a captivating look. The highlight of this application is the availability of color-coded activity based notes giving it catchy look to make you add up your important reminders. The Android Wear Support that is exclusively available in smartwatches to keep you updated about your regular tasks. The simple looking application has a great look with numerous features that you have never noticed in it.

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