How To Record A Voice-Over in Adobe Premiere Pro

August 31, 2018

One of the powerful and popular video editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro. Apart from featuring the best video editing techniques, it even comes in with the wonderful feature to record a voice over. Recording voice over is the common technique that needs to be implemented while watching tutorials or Hollywood films or while checking any product reviews on YouTube. If you are looking to record a voice-over in Adobe Premiere Pro but confused about how to do? Then, we are here to guide through step by step process for recording your voice-over. Adobe Premiere Pro is quite easy to use tool that makes the users convenient to access and navigate through. So, let us look further into the detailed process to record voice-over in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Steps To Record Voice-Over in Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: To start with, firstly connect a USB mic to the computer. Now in the system preferences, set the output as ‘headphones’ and Input to “USB”.

Step 2: Now that you are ready, open the Adobe Premiere Pro. On the right top end, you will find a menu screen. Click on “Premiere Pro” and navigate through preferences-→ Audio Hardware.

Step 3: Now that the Audio Hardware panel is opened, go to Adobe Desktop Audio label to choose from the drop-down list. Choose the appropriate microphone used and click on OK.

Step 4: Once the configuration is done successfully, you should now be able to find the voice-over recording button on your timeline. The small microphone icon that you see beside the Solo button.

Voice-Over recording

Step 5: Clicking on it will activate the voice-over recording option, and the countdown starts from three to Zero to begin recording.

Step 6: While the recording process is in progress, you will find the word “Recording” below the program monitor. Once finished speaking, press space bar to stop recording. Now your new recording is ready for editing.

Record Voice-Over in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Editing Voice-Over in Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 1: Now that your recording is ready, start editing the video using the Ripple Edit tool that easily removes all those unnecessary sounds, umm sounds, and any other background noises.

Step 2: When you are done with editing, the voice-over is split into several smaller clips thus making it easier to adjust volume or add any special effects.

Record Voice-Over in Adobe Premiere Pro

Step 3: In case, you don’t wish to do any more changes to the voice-over, then select all the clips and right click to find the option of Nest. Click OK.

Step 4: Now, the voice-over recording clips are nested and are now one larger clip than the multiple individual clips. In future, if you wish to do need an access to original clips again then double-click on the main clip.

Step 5: Go to Windows-→ Effect controls-→ Audio Effects-→ Volume-→ Level to increase or decrease the volume of any clip.

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Adding Audio Effects to Voice-Over Recording in Adobe Premiere Pro

After performing the necessary editing to the voice-over, you can simply move on for adding any special effects. Open the same Effects panel that is used to adjust the volume. Now search for the option of Multiband compressor. Drag it into the voice-over file. Next, to the custom setup, you will find the edit button wherein you can apply the effect of a parametric equalizer. This effect is quite helpful to alter the sound to certain frequencies. Just search for this in the effects panel and drag it into voice-over. Once all the effects are successfully added, try playing it with the audio effects.

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Once the recording is complete in the Adobe Premiere Pro, automatically the audio file of the recording is created. It is then imported to the new project item under the project panel.

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