How to Record a Phone Call On iPhone

November 9, 2018

Thinking to record a business call while traveling around to jot down the significant keynotes that were discussed in it? Now you can do that with the help of different sets of call recorder iPhone applications that you can use on-the-go.

Apple, being a game changer and brand leader globally comes up with its breakthrough products every year. Being a remarkably performing smartphone from a decade with its innovative features like providing The First Apple 5G iPhone that makes people grab it at their earliest, Apple still has a quite strong privacy control policy due to which most of its users are unable to understand how to record a call on iPhone. Buckle up your seat belts because we are going to explain you five simple ways to search for best call recorder for iPhone.

how to record a call on iphone

Google Voice

Google Voice has been the best call recorder for iPhone if you are planning to record an incoming call. Head over to Google Voice page on your iPhone, open your left navigation bar and hit the settings option.  Head over to calls settings from your top menu and Enable the incoming call option to record any individual call or group chat that you do through conference calls.

Whenever you plan to call your friend, Open your Keypad and press 4 to record your call during the conversation. You can then stop recording by hitting 4 again.

You would get to see your recorded file in your Gmail inbox. You can also check it out by navigating to your Google Voice inbox page. The time at which recording was initiated has been made available in it along with an option to text or recall that person again. So, listen to the voice of your loved ones or download it by doing that.

call recorder app for iphone

Best Call Recorder for iPhone Incoming Calls

For an incoming call, there is no in-built call recorder iPhone application to record any call. If you binge it on the internet, you would be unable to surf any freely accessible call recorder iPhone application. However, you can sign up for any 3rd Party software that helps you record your calls at a quite cheaper rate.

Tape A Call

Tape A Call has been the most used call recorder app for iPhone. Get access to unlimited recordings with an annual subscription of $11. The procedure is quite simple. After receiving a call, put it on hold for a minute and open your Tape A Call application. A record would appear right in front of you, click on the record button present at the bottom of your screen, and then hit the merge call button that appears right after it. You can then check out all the recordings right from your phone with the time duration and date on which it was recorded.  The best feature about this call recorder iPhone app is that no notification would appear on callers handset and the caller would not be able to know that their call is being recorded.

Call recorder iPhone

If you would like to get away from the hassle of holding an incoming call to merge it out in order to record it, you can do that by installing has also been an easily accessible call recorder iPhone Application. Not only that, but you would also be able to subscribe for its free subscription that is available with limited recording duration of 20 minutes. To get access to unlimited monthly allowances i.e. unlimited duration for call recording, you could easily avail it only at $10 monthly charges. The details of its subscription charges can be seen here.


Tired of paying on monthly basis without even using the call recorder iPhone software? You can go for a cost-per-minute approach where you would only be charged based on the number of minutes you record on your iPhone. So, no need to worry about wasting up your money on a service that you don’t use. Moreover, you would be able to get free credit for subscribing for it for the first time.

Planning to rant your daily hassles with your friend while recording all those amazing memories? Do it now by using our guide. Moreover, the awe-inspiring designs and features of iPhone are always mesmerizing for its customers. The stunning features along with the breakthrough camera quality and compelling silver, space gray and metallic gold colors of the new iPhone XS makes it the most demanding smartphone of this year.

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