Different Ways To Record A Phone Call in Android Phone

September 3, 2018

Though the feature to record a phone call is a bit older, still, it is extremely getting convenient and popular these days. In case you just want to remember anything during a phone call, then this feature to record a call will make your job easier. At times, recording calls become mandatory either for legal reasons or just the situation demands. While there exist different ways to record a phone call on Android, not all of them feature high-quality recordings which you need as a business professional. Considering the importance of recording, here we will focus on some of the best methods to accomplish the task. Before trying to record any call on an Android smartphone, it is recommended to check if it is legal or not in your country.

Recording A Phone Call in Android Using Google Voice

The best and easy way for Android call recording is using the Google Voice app. Many Android users have this app installed on their phone as it allows to record calls for free. Well! Let me tell you, if you are using the Google Voice then you can probably record only the incoming calls. Below is the process to record a phone call on Android. Check here for 8 ways to free up storage space on Android.

Step 1: Visit Google Voice homepage.

Step 2: On the left end of the page, there is a menu with three vertical dots. Click on it to select settings.

Step 3: Head to calls section and enable the incoming calls option slider on the right.

record a phone call on Android

Step 4: That’s it! Now you can record any incoming calls with an ease just by pressing ‘4’ on your keypad.

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Recording A Phone Call in Android Using Automatic Call Recorder

Here is how to record a phone call in Android using Automatic call recorder.

Step 1: Download and install Automatic Call Recorder on your device.

record a phone call on Android

Step 2: Once installed successfully, whenever you receive or make a call, the app automatically starts recording a call. In case, you don’t wish to start automatic recording, then tap on three dots on the top right corner and go to settings-→record calls-→Off.

Step 3: The best part is you even have the option to choose the recording format and it is accessible from settings-→File Type.

The Automatic call recording can save up to 200 recordings for free. In case, you wish to save more on your phone, then you can prefer to buy Automatic call recording Pro version. To get more storage space, you need to kill Android apps running on the background.

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Recording A Phone Call in Android Using ACR

Though the Google Voice is quite a simple process to record calls on Android, still it lacks in some features such as an automatic start of call recording when the call starts and more. Here comes the need for third-party apps such as the ACR which records calls without the knowledge of both users. This is the tool for you to secretly record a call. It is available in both free and premium version thus giving access to a handful of features. Moreover, the interface looks similar to Google’s own interface thus making it easier to use and understand.

Step 1: Fire up ACR and accept terms and conditions. Also, it requests access to all things such as contacts, microphone, storage and phone. Click on OK.

Step 2: Once done, the app pushes a notification that it is enabled.

Step 3: As soon as you receive a call, the app will automatically start recording. You need not press anything to do so. It does this by default.

record a phone call on Android

In the premium version, you have the option to select from the Auto and manual recording options. Apart from this, there exist several features that make it the best app to record a phone call on Android.

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Recording A Phone Call in Android Using Built-in Feature

Not all the smartphones feature the built-in call recording feature. Some of the Android smartphones from Lenovo, Xiaomi or ASUS have their own call recording applications integrated into the device by default. In case you have a built-in call recording feature then you should be able to access it directly from the phone call app.

record a phone call on Android

As you receive a call or make a call, you should be able to find the record button. Tap on the record option to start recording calls on Android. Also, have a look at the top 5 best Android apps to find a stolen phone.

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