Razer Phone vs. Razer Phone 2: What’s the difference?

October 11, 2018

Gaming mobile phones are trending and this niche market segment has captured the solid position because of the youngster’s interest in games. One of the gaming phone named as Razor Phone released last year 2017 captured the huge market because of the power pack features and hefty hardware. That device in Dubai took a lot of attention and appreciation which made fans anticipated for the next year flagship variant. The new Razor Phone 2 has launched recently with much of the similar but enhanced features and few distinctive elements to the earlier version as well. To have the overall picture the article is detailed about the Razor Phone vs. Razor Phone 2 differentiation to sort out the doubts and suspicion.

Razer Phone 2


The look of the first Razor Phone was quite impressive because of the basic style and formal manufacturing and the Razor phone 2 is also as similar with the boxy chassis to the first phone. But few of the changes we can observe like there is a LED logo of Razor Phone 2 at the rear illuminates and lighten ups with the customized colors on the notifications and the change rear camera placement. Whereas the Razor Phone 2 has the similar 5.7 inches display screen and type, bezels, and dimensions like the Razor Phone was released in UAE.

Razer Phone 2


Razor phones are specially assembled for the gaming purpose and for that the vigorous and robust hardware and software jumble required for the impressive outcome. Razor Phone was equipped with the processor of Snapdragon 835 and operating system of Android 7.1 but this new improved Razor Phone 2 in Dubai is released with the beefed-up chipset of Snapdragon 845 processor and latest operating system Android 8.1. Further, the RAM was 8GB in the earlier version and it is same in the new Razor Phone 2 but the superiority of the RAM is still high because 8GB is quite enough for the smooth gaming performance whereas, the contrariety comes in the type of RAM the Razor Phone had the LPDDR4 RAM while the Razer Phone 2 uses LPDDR4x RAM, it indeed much powerful and results in the strong battery life. Another plus is the storage option in the Razor Phone 2 in Dubai as the previous version of 2017 had the 64GB storage and the new one offers both 64GB and 128GB of storage, along with the fingerprint sensor for the security. Overall the Razor Phone 2 has the slight surpass and revamped performance with the addition of water resistance as well.

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Razer Phone 2


Gaming phones are more focused towards the hardware and supporting software for the uninterrupted gaming experience but rest of the features can’t be ignored because of the tough competition in the market and this includes the camera on top. The number of pixels might seem similar of both the Razor phones which are 12+12 MP for rear and 8MP for selfie but there is improvisation into the Razor Phone 2 camera as it is infused with the wide sensor made by Sony advances the Optical Image Stabilization, moreover the position of the rear camera is also changed from the corner to the center eventually enhances the portrait mode.  The UI of the camera has made more intuitive for the better results.

Razer Phone 2


Razor Phone 2 shares the exact same audio speakers of Razor Phone which are solid in performance and better than any other phone in the market in UAE but what disappoints is the lacking of headphone jack although it does come with a USB-C adapter with 24-bit DAC.

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The battery also remained same which is 4000 mAh in the both Razor Phones with the Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4 technology but the difference is in the wireless charge support which is now installed in the Razor Phone 2.

razor phone 2


Razor Phone vs. Razor Phone 2 prices vary around the contrary of 400 AED means 100 USD. The Razor Phone 2 price in Dubai is 3000 AED for 64GB and 3300 AED for 128GB of storage.

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