PS5 Price in UAE, Release Date, Specs, News and Rumors

October 12, 2018

Gaming has become a part of life rather than just a hobby, earlier people used to play games in the leisure time only for fun but now gaming has turned up as one of the essential element in our lives especially for youngster, this feature has now mainly focused on the smartphones as well but the real pleasure of gaming is with the specially designed devices like the gaming consoles. Sony is one of the brands which are popular for its reliable and ultra-advance devices, the PlayStation is one of them which is highly famous and in demand for its dedicated permit of ultimate and outrageous gaming experience. Sony has already released its many gaming consoles but now the much awaited PlayStation 5 in UAE has become official with its leaked details and specifications whereas, the previous version of PS4 is available in the market for the last five years with the rivalry of Xbox One so now it is defiantly a time to bring the upgraded and high technological version as Microsoft is also up to bring the latest XBox.

PS5 News and Rumours:

The speculations are high for the upgrading version as the Sony has accepted that there is the need of upgraded hardware which subsequently signs the confirmations for the upcoming PS5. Other than that some of the industry experts have revealed that the sale of PlayStation 4 is slowing down which compels the Sony to bring on its best as soon as possible.


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PS5 Specifications:

As we witness that some of the gaming smartphones are releasing back to back with more advanced specifications like Razer has come up with the Razer Phone 2 recently and the gaming laptops are the other category hitting hard the gaming market segment which sure tightens the market for the gaming consoles as well.  Every day a big announcement of the much powerful and solid device is here and since the release of PS4, it’s been five years of the up gradation which exceeds the expectation for the upcoming PS5 console in Dubai. The expectations are that PlayStation 5 might release with the AMD Ryzen processor as it was speculated after the Sony’s Advanced Technology Group, revealed that they are working on improving compatibility between AMD Ryzen processors and “Zen” core architecture within the LLVM compiler stack. All of that may sound like gibberish, but the compiler stack is a key component of the development environment in PlayStation systems. Now with the AMD processor which is same as PS4, there’s a decent chance that the machine will offer backward compatibility with the PS4 games. Another supporting feature is rumored that PlayStation 5 in Dubai will be built from the ground up with virtual reality support in mind furthermore, few of the predictions indicate that there might be the redesign of the PS5 controller and the return of 4K Blu-ray player because some of the customers still prefer the physical disk than online streaming of games.  Another interesting technology set to be included in the PlayStation 5 might be wireless capabilities that this console should deliver controllers that charge wirelessly even while being used.


PS5 Release Date in Dubai:

The five years of gap since the release of PS4 has already fumed some of the fans but with time Sony has kept releasing the upgraded versions of PS4 in UAE like PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro in 2016 correspondingly upgraded hardware gap has already sensed by Sony and would be releasing the PS5 in Dubai soon, Some experts suggest that it might release in 2018 which seems quite impossible but the prediction of 2019 or mid of 2020 sounds well.

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PS5 Price in Dubai:

This revolutionary device is ultimately expected to be released with the premium price tag as Sony knows how to cash the anticipation of the fans, the price of PS5 in UAE might be around 2000 AED to 2500 AED.


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