PlayStation 4 VR games: The Best PS4 VR Games 2018

November 19, 2018

Planning to shift to virtual reality games? Then there is nothing better than the Playstation VR games as it is one of the cheapest VR headsets available. Additionally, it features an amazing set of PSVR games that are exclusive, independent and experimental. It has been roughly two years since the launch of PlayStation VR for PS4 and PS4 Pro and still, it remains to be one of the best selling headsets. Sony is quite committed to render the best PS4 VR games and even the price is kept at its minimal value thus making it accessible for everyone. Till date, we have seen several Playstation VR games that are not originally intended for PS4, but there includes many that are mainly designed for the Sony PS4. Once you have the best PS4 VR headset available, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best PS4 VR games from a large pile. So, we are here to recommend some of the best PS4 virtual reality games that you can try out.

VR Worlds

One of the best PS4 VR games that let you step into the world of virtual reality so as to have a unique PS VR experience is VR worlds. It is, in fact, a collection of five games into a single package that allows tasting the potential of the PS4 VR headset. Each game offers a unique experience. These games include The London Heist, Scavengers Odyssey, Danger Ball, Ocean descent, and VR Luge. Of these, the Ocean descent puts you in the diver position thus giving you an opportunity to explore underwater sights and marine life floating. For those PS4 virtual reality beginners, this is the best option to choose from.

best ps4 vr games

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Designed especially for the virtual reality handsets, the Battlezone is claimed to be the king of all the tank games around. It lets to experience the unrivaled battlefield awareness along with the monument sense of scale. Download this best PS4 virtual reality game now to experience a thrilling campaign across multiple environments, mission types, and levels. Complete each playthrough successfully to unlock more weapons, tanks and other equipment. Co-ordinate with comrades using the mic of the virtual reality headsets to create an unstoppable team.

best ps4 vr games


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Resident Evil 7

The full-length survival horror game developed by Capcom and is compatible with Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles is Resident Evil 7. It has taken the roots from atmospheric survival horror and created a new level of terror. For those thrill seekers around, the Resident Evil 7 is the best PS4 VR games to play with. Players need to solve puzzles, fight against terrific monsters, explore horror environment. It delivers true horror experience with those audio and visual senses delivered.

best ps4 vr games

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Eagle Fight

If you are looking out to have a perfect virtual reality experience in a fun and competitive environment then Eagle fight is the game for you. It lets to fly above the sky from the beak perspective of an Eagle. This is the first-person VR shooter game set in a beautifully styles recreation of Paris and you pilot an eagle. Also, play it as a multi-player game to fight against other eagles. Rather than using a joystick, you need to turn your head to move across. There include several missions to complete and each mission comes up with a unique challenge.

best ps4 vr games

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One of the first games that are developed for the Playstation VR is Farpoint. It is a traditional game loaded with VR features and is a perfect option for those looking for a space adventure. Players need to explore through secrets of unknown planets, shoot through hordes to survive on the planet. While many other best PS4 VR games just feature a short story mode, according to the Farpoint PlayStation VR review it offers a full-length single-player campaign. Through the way of the epic fight, you will discover railguns and plasma rifles.

best ps4 vr games

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