Polestar 2 Specification, Review and Release Date

January 7, 2019

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Polestar is a sub-group of Volvo Car Group is all ready to bring up its electrification models to compete with Tesla Model 3 series by coming up with some breakthrough innovation that would  blow the mind the mind of its users in Dubai and all other regions of the world with its standalone properties and astounding characteristics. This year, Polestar would be making its own mark by introducing Polestar 2, the second edition to its electric car series that has been expected to increase a thriving excitement in the users of Polestar series. Let’s dig deeper into Polestar 2 review, specifications and characteristics that would make everyone look at it in awe and amazement.

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Polestar 2 Specification

Based on the exclusive teaser look shown by the company, the front-facing end of this spectacular car has been revealed showing a large hatchback with a broad rear light bar. Polestar 2 is a creation of the globally renowned automotive group, Geely Automotive company, that is also the manufacturer of Volvo and Proton cars

Built on Compact Modular Architecture platform of Volvo, the impressive Polestar 2 electric car has quite a refined coupe line with a smooth and stylish silhouette. Moreover, the Google-enabled infotainment system will introduce Android Human Machine Interface that has been outrebounded to bring AI-based voice activation and recognition system that helps you give command to your automobile in a smooth and convenient way as it will be synchronized with Google Assistant to provide you timely traffic route and weather updates to make your vacation plans while remaining up-to-date.  According to the information provided by tech expertized tech analysts, Polestar 2 might have 600 horsepower that is profound to be relatively much greater than BMWX6 2019,  with 738 lb-ft of torque optimizing its performance to the level that no one has ever seen. Apart from that, Polestar 2 is also speculated to be able to travel 93 miles just like its high-performing forbearer

Polestar 2

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In order to stand out from its competitors who provide sold or leased cars through their retailers, Polestar 2 has been rumored to bring subscription-based buying and selling of their futuristic electric car by giving monthly payments directly to Polestar through monthly subscriptions instead of handing over the cash. Moreover, we are speculating it to have app-based programming to unlock your car or command a pick-up or drop-off service when it is a dire need for it.  The ultra-modern Polestar 2 has been expected to have a massive battery of 100-kWh capacity to help you get a long-lasting exposure.  The fastback stylish feature of the rear windshield portrayed in the revealed teaser of Polestar 2 makes it look much more elegant just like Audi A7 Sportback making its fans in UAE adore its fine structure.  With a Compact Modular Architecture that has been a mid-size unibody made as a collaborative work by Geely and Volvo, Polestar 2 is surely going to be the talk of the town. Subsequently, based on the analysis of some autophiles, Polestar 2 might have 300 miles of range.

Polestar 2

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Polestar 2 Release Date

Though no official details regarding Polestar 2 release have not been announced earlier we are hoping it to be launched by the end of second of 2019 while the production of this glorious giant will get initiated in the first half of 2020.

Polestar 2

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Polestar 2 Price

.The predecessor of this magnificent body, Polestar 1 was a hybrid sports car that was designed on the Volvo Concept Coupe that was quite expensive to get your hands on its ecstatic structure but the second generation Polestar 2 is a fully electric car, that is not pricey charged like its first generation. On the other hand, Polestar 2 Price in Dubai expected to be sold in Tesla Model 3 price structure, ranging between 170,000 to 230,000 AED to increase an enraging hype in its users in Dubai with its mesmerizing body and striking performance that is unbeatable by any of its rival in the field of electric cars.

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