Play Real Life PUBG And Win $1,30,000

April 15, 2019

It is a known fact that so far, most of the games with the Battle Royale mode have been a major hit and success in the gaming industry. And right now, most of the game developers are choosing this mode in most of their games so as to gain a lot of money as well as success. One such game that came out in recent times is PUBG. Needless to say, this game made most of the gamers addicted to it. However, no matter how engaging and fascinating a game might be, but there it is senseless for anyone to imagine doing something similar to this game in real life.

But contrary to this statement, a press release published in one of the websites stated that they are assisting an anonymous millionaire so as to create a real-life Battle Royale competition, where about 100 players have to participate using weapons and airsoft ammunition with touch-sensitive armor.


This real-life Battle Royale competition, which would kick-start this winter, will go on for three days. This competition will have around 100 players participating in it on a private island. All the players taking part in the Battle Royale will be treated just the same as in the PUBG, where only one player will be the winner and takes the first place. And therefore, the winner of this tournament will be awarded a price of £100,000, which equals to $130,000 dollars and AED 477, 493.

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The anonymous millionaire behind this event is also said to have approached that website and planned to buy a private island just for the sake of conducting this event. The company’s head has mentioned that the client is a huge fan of such type of games and expects the game to be a reality with utmost security and safety of its participants.

Based on the planning documents, the health professionals will be available during the event at all times. The event is likely to go on for almost 12 hours a day, following which the participants might camp and use food, equipment and other necessities provided by the organizers. This is the first time for organizers to come up with such real-life gaming plan. And if this event goes successfully and as planned, then the organizers might even think of turning this into an annual event. Hence, it is considered as a permanent annual event of the winning person, which emphasizes offering entertainment to masses.


This website named HushHush is almost the same as Amazon. But for millionaires, it provides articles at the most reasonable prices. As of now, the organizers of this event is in search of individuals who can help the Royal & Battle Royale event to go on floors. Besides, the organizers are also planning to offer a huge amount of around $59000 (AED 2,16,715) for game makers for approximately six weeks to host the event.

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