6 Best Phone Lock Screen Apps For Android

December 4, 2018

Gone are the days, when we tried to save the important data, files, documents in the PC or laptop. Now, it is a smartphone generation and every one are looking for easy access to data. And, there is nothing better than the smartphone to store the required details. Apart from hiding the data, it even gives the flexibility to edit, share, and save data to and from mobile. Though the latest generation smartphones provide different lock screen methods, people still look out for the third party lock screen apps. This is especially when the user wants to customize the lock screen with wallpapers and widgets. If you are looking to replace the default Android lock screen with something smarter, then read on our guide to find the list of best phone lock screen apps to download for Android.

CM Locker

The highly recommended Android lock screen app that allows locking the phone screen, as well as the installed apps, photos and more, is CM Locker. Download it now to secure the device from snoopers by inserting lock in different patterns such as password, PIN, pattern, fingerprint or any depending on the mechanism that the device supports. Set the CM locker as your default lock screen, and explore through the different customization options it offers. There is even a feasibility to change wallpaper and theme. If any person tries to peep into the device without your knowledge, then it can snap a photo of the person who enters a wrong password. Protect your device now with the CM locker download.

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ZUI Locker

With around an impressive high user rating score of 4.7 stars on the Google Play store, the ZUI locker is the most preferred option. Secure your phone either using the protection code or through the gesture control. Even while on the lock screen you can control music. It is based on the material design and offers several customization options to make its interface look more elegant. Additional features offered include intruder selfie, lock screen flashlight, multi-language support, RAM booster and many more. This free app holds the capability to launch your favorite apps on the lock screen.

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Next Lock Screen

Developed by Microsoft, the Next Lock screen app for Android is the must-have app to ensure the security of the device. Apart from offering enough security, this Android lock screen app also allows customizing smartphone with its ultimate look. Just download the app, set it as a default lock screen, choose the protection type according to your device and be secured. Also, select from the multiple wallpapers or even use your own pictures from the gallery to make it look beautiful. One of the main features of this app is it gives you the feasibility to make a call or message even while on the lock screen. Even get access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera, flashlight and more.

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Start Lock Screen

Another Android lock screen app from Microsoft that works similar to the Next lock screen is Start lock screen. It works with the only goal to put a lot of stuff accessible while on the lock screen. Through this, you may not be required to open the lock all time to access your favorite Android app or any other feature. It can even display Facebook updates and holds a powerful notification manager interface that displays unread messages, calls and more. Make it as a default lock screen app and access the quick setting section to find shortcuts for some of the utilities such as the flashlight, camera, and Bluetooth. It is free to download on Google Play store and doesn’t come up with any in-app purchases.

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Gesture Lock Screen

Unlock the device with the unique gesture only through the Gesture lock screen app. Either draw numbers, pattern or any letter to get it started. Apart from the gesture control, there is even an option to set the fingerprint, PIN or pattern code to unlock the device. Get an intruder alert instantly along with the photo to the email address specified while creating an account. If you are bored of the regular UI then try to get access to different customization options that can make your smartphone look more delightful.

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Magic Locker

One of the simple yet unique phone lock screen apps to download is Magic locker. Despite the phone is locked, you get access to control the music and volume. It comes in with a default theme of the Lost robot and it can be changed by downloading several other attractive themes. Download it for free on Android and also get access to emails, SMS, shortcuts, camera right from the lock screen. The magic locker also allows opening any URL in a message.


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