Panasonic Lumix S1R – Price in Dubai, UAE, Review.

October 10, 2019

Panasonic, as we all know, is truly obsessed with Micro Four Thirds and Four Thirds formats. It’s been more than 13 years and they are following the same concept. The G series Micro Four Thirds was a smash among every photographer, either a professional or a beginner. However, the entry to the full-frame, last year was a shock. It was a surprise for all. Most of the brands gave the entry to mirrorless full-frame cameras together, like Canon and Nikon. The company came with one the best in their history, Lumix S1R. The Panasonic S1R is a hefty and huge plan and the look and feel of it means business.

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Body Design – Panasonic Lumix S1R

With the new Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R, the company took over the design plan in the photography business. The build quality with magnesium alloy construction which seals the camera perfectly. It makes the body water, moisture, and dust proof. It has this unique feature, known as freeze proof which helps you to use your camera without any issues down to -10 degrees. The camera is quite noteworthy to use, to hold and to pick up. The body design is near to that of Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 in feel and size.

Panasonic lumix s1r body design

Image Quality with 47.3MP Full-Frame Sensor

The S1R lands with a new 47.3MP full-frame sensor. The one that we’ve not seen on any past camera. This has been planned without an optical low-pass filter for ideal goals of fine detail and resolution. While every pixel is bested by an aspherical microlens to assist light in entering the camera as much as possible.

If 47.3MP sounds commonplace. The grounds that Leica’s latest Q2 minimal camera likewise has a full-frame sensor. Likewise, Leica is Panasonic’s compadre in the L-mount union. It appears to be sensible to reason that the two sensors are at any rate related, if not indistinguishable.

panasonic lumix s1r

This goal produces documents with pixel measurements of 8368 x 5584. However, the S1R can go one better when required. Truth be told, it can go significantly better, with its high-resolution mode yielding pictures at a stunning 187MP.

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Overall Performance of Panasonic S1R

It’s the best electronic viewfinder in any camera. Its high pixels of 5.76 million spots – around 2,000,000 higher than mirrorless cameras at the present time is noteworthy in itself. This is joined with a brilliant OLED panel. A truly good amplification and an invigorate rate that can be set to 120fps that makes it the most similar electronic viewfinder we’ve had the delight to utilize yet.

Panasonic lumix s1r performance

You can without much of a stretch see the whole of the casing, and the introduction data at the base and top of the discoverer, simultaneously, and the way that you can rapidly thump amplification down to 0.74x and 0.7x through a catch to its side will come as some alleviation to those wearing glasses, who will most likely be unable to get as near the eyepiece as others.

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