It is nothing irritating than to find unwanted emails that keeps pestering your personal Gmail account. Well! Its time to say goodbye! So how do we do that? Let us help you out! When you are ready to say goodbye to unwanted emails or email from someone then just block them! Confused how? Here are … Continue reading "Methods To Block Someone On Gmail"

To protect our data on Android smartphones, we use the option to set a password/PIN/pattern lock on our device. There is every chance that we tend to forget the specified password. So, we start looking out for different ways to unlock android without losing data. While factory reset lets you get back your device but … Continue reading "How To Unlock Android Without Password?"

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It seems like OnePlus is planning for a hit in 2020. The company is in rumors to unveil more than the usual number of OnePlus smartphones in the coming year. Along with the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, the Chinese company is ought to include a mid-range smartphone – OnePlus 8 Lite in UAE. … Continue reading "OnePlus 8 Lite Price in Dubai UAE, Review"

Grammarly is a free tool that can help improvise writing style. It checks for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, plagiarism, and also gives out suggestions to make the content look better. Before you start you have the option to choose from either the British English or American English based on the domain you are working on. … Continue reading "Best Alternatives For Grammarly"