Before getting into the topic, let me make it clear that mirroring is different from streaming video from iPhone to TV. If you are looking to mirror your iPhone to TV then you are in the right place! At times, your iPhone or iPad seems to be too small to watch videos or perform certain … Continue reading "How to Mirror an iPhone to a TV"

Over the past years, the budget smartphones, in fact, the cheap smartphone has come into its own. In the current trend, we have numerous devices that appear under the price tag of AED 500. They are designed with an aim to offer a good smartphone which is affordable enough, still, you enjoy premium flagship specifications. … Continue reading "7 Best Cheap Smartphones for (Almost) Every Budget in UAE"

Recently, we have heard many Android users reporting that they are unable to see missed call notifications on their handsets. Notification alerts have made our lives easier. And it is a bit harder to find that the notification badge especially of the phone app is not working. Being an extremely convenient option, the issue needs … Continue reading "How to Fix Missed Call Notification Not Showing in Android"

According to the Dubai government, the GDP growth for 2020 might be 3.2% higher than the current 2.1%. At the same time, the price may drop in 2021 with only 3%. According to one of the officials, EXPO 2020 and its legacy could be the main factor that forces the Emirate’s economic growth. It is … Continue reading "Dubai Expects 3.2% Growth in 2020"

It is the versatility and customizable nature of the Android platform that makes it more popular over iOS. Being an open-source platform, one can easily dig into the settings to make necessary tweaks to the default settings. With every new Android update, it is bringing up a host of exciting features and tools. Android 10 … Continue reading "8 Tips To Master Google’s Gesture Navigation On Your Android 10 Phones"