How To Optimize PUBG Mobile For Notched Smartphones?

April 6, 2019

PUBG is the most popular game of recent times which is drawing all the attention of gamers. Irrespective of age and interest, many people are interested to play this game on their smartphones. It is introduced on almost all the platforms including Android, Windows, iOS, and others. This is so far considered as one of the best battle royale games where a player’s main goal is to survive till the end without being killed. What’s attracting more people is its fantastic visuals, realistic graphics and the engaging factor that keeps the players just engaged.

However, most of them are bringing to light some issues that they face when playing this game and the most common is the notch interference with certain gaming elements on PUBG mobile. As there are different shapes and sizes of notches, its a tough task for developers to customize the game as per everyone’s requirement. But there exists a solution for this issue in the form of a special toggle in the game’s latest version. With this toggle, players can actually customize the game’s user interface according to their phone’s notch design, shape, and size.

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Steps to optimize PUBG mobile:

The process to optimize a PUBG mobile is pretty simple. All that players need to do is to follow these steps and customize the game’s user interface for a better gaming experience.

→ The first thing that players require doing is to download the most recent version of PUBG mobile. If the game is already installed on your device, then just update it.

→ The second step is to open the PUBG mobile and the game starts loading.

2→ As the game loads, go to ‘Settings’.

3→ In the Settings menu, hit on ‘Graphics’.
→ In the Graphics settings, tap on ‘Notched’ under the Non-Standard screens’

5→ Once this is done, the change notice shows up on which you have to select ‘OK’.

6→ Next, select ‘OK’ and then restart the game on your smartphone.

Following these steps will help players to optimize the PUBG mobile on their smartphones and can notice certain elements of the user interface to have been moved slightly inwards.

Hence, this is the simple procedure you can follow to optimize PUBG mobile for notched smartphones. The advantage with the process is that the settings will automatically make the game’s adjustment according to the phone’s screen and notch design.

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