Oppo Foldable Phone Could Launch In February 2019

November 30, 2018

The smartphone modification is bringing the new evolving design in the form of flexibility and foldability. The Lenovo bendable C-Plus, Samsung foldable smartphone commonly discussed as Samsung Galaxy X, LG G Flex, Huawei Mate X whereas, Apple iPhone Pro with the foldable concept is trending like anything. However, another Giant Oppo has officially confirmed his hands in this foldability world by expected revelation of Oppo foldable phone 2019 in the upcoming event. The Mobile World Congress 2019 is about to happen at the start of year would take place from 25 to 28 February certainly this is the world’s biggest annual event, however, the other big brands like Samsung and Huawei are planning to launch the foldable smartphones in the start of the year 2019 most probably January as the race of being first counts. The news of Oppo foldable phone in Dubai has spread like a fire in forest as other competitive brands like LG and Lenovo are in news only because of patent approval or rumours whereas, no official confirmation by any means done thus Oppo has came forward by revealing the exact release of Oppo foldable phone in UAE.

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Design and Display:

The Chinese brand Oppo has joined the allay of foldable smartphones, although the details related to the design or screen size is not revealed.  Interestingly, Oppo has already patent number of distinctive foldable designs in this following year nevertheless one of the design folds outwards twice to triple in size.  The other deeds don’t reflect any design confirmation except the Oppo foldable smartphone imaginary concept however the Samsung has already shown Infinity Flex Display, Google also trying to enter in this fray.  Sony and Xiaomi being busy in delivering prototypes of foldable smartphone conversely in such scenario capturing the limelight through by permitting the foldable smartphone in UAE would be an acute and apt move. Consequently, the Oppo foldable phone price in Dubai and globally would be outrageous and premium.

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Oppo foldable phone


As far as the Oppo foldable phone specs are concerned it is not clear that what would be power tools inserted into it, furthermore the company has signed a patent license agreement with Nokia to share the technological advances. The doubts are still not clear about the hardware inputs hence no speculations could be dropped only that the Oppo foldable phone in Dubai would be the solid among competitors. Already the hype of foldability is enough to make impression but the recent agreement with Nokia has made the strong position of Oppo astound and stagger.

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The tech giants are in super form to be more futuristic and modern however this cannot be ensured that this foldable phone legitimate trend would be a success or just another flash in the tech pan.  The Oppo foldable phone price in UAE is not revealed through any source but as predicted it would a pricey smartphone, conversely the Oppo mobile phones are famous for the ultimate features in affordable price range like the Oppo F9.

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Oppo foldable phone

Release Date:

The Oppo foldable phone release date in Dubai would be around in 25 to 28 February 2019 at the MWC event however the it is expected that only the revelation of first look might happen at MWC 2019 and the actual release of Oppo foldable phone somehow take time.

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