OnePlus 7T Review

December 19, 2018

Now that OnePlus 6T is officially available in all the international markets, we already got to hear rumors and concept design of its successor. Obviously, all of us are also excited to find out what’s next from the OnePlus? Until now, OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau never took the step backward especially in terms of featuring high-end quality phones. We have already seen OnePlus 1 through OnePlus 6 and it is like the company is not intended to stop further. Yes! Now all eyes are towards the OnePlus 6T successor, OnePlus 7T in Dubai. Being the next generation smartphone in series one can expect a major upgrade over the previous models. Though we know nothing about the alleged OnePlus 7T yet, from all those rumors, here we have listed out some of the speculated specifications, release date and Oneplus 7T price in UAE.

OnePlus 7T Release Date

Firstly, we are unsure whether the upcoming OnePlus handset will be claimed to be as OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7. So, it is quite a bit early to predict even the OnePlus 7T release date UAE. However, from all those rumors and the previous release pattern, we expect the OnePlus 7T to make its debut in the mid-2019. Moreover, CEO of this company in an interview revealed that the customers will see a Oneplus smartphone the next year with a 5G modem. So, there is much in store for OnePlus fans in the coming year.

OnePlus 7T

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OnePlus 7T Rumors, Specifications and More

Considering the previous naming series, we expect the next OnePlus device to be called as OnePlus 7T. Talking about its alleged specifications, this might be the first in the market to get 5G support. However, even it depends on the planning of other manufacturers too. It is most likely to use the Qualcomm chipset. Qualcomm has already announced the 5G chipset which is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. So, we expect the OnePlus 7T in UAE to be powered by Snapdragon 855 that is likely to get a 5G modem. Moreover, this alleged smartphone will have 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. So, we think it is more than enough for the device to render smooth and efficient performance. The next thing that we expect from the OnePlus device is wireless charging. Until now, OnePlus did not show up with the wireless charging system which is the most trending feature in all the latest smartphones. It makes the charging simpler and is even claimed to enhance the overall battery life. So, the OnePlus 7T is rumored to get this attractive feature. It may further get a bigger battery of somewhere above 4000mAh. Additionally, OnePlus 7T can be the first handset from this company to get an in-display fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 7T

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OnePlus 7T Price in Dubai

While the optimists believe that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the first smartphone with a 5G modem, OnePlus on other end claims its plans to launch OnePlus 7T ahead all other manufacturers. So, if rumors are to be true then we expect the OnePlus 7T launch to happen sometime in 2019. As for its pricing, considering the advanced features included, it might have a bit higher price tag than the latest OnePlus 6T.

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