Oculus Quest Specs, Price, Release Date

December 13, 2018

Heard of Oculus Quest? What makes it so special? Well! Firstly! If you have not heard anything about Oculus Quest in Dubai, then let me tell you that it is nothing but an Oculus Go with some added tweaks. It is an improved standalone headset that features six degrees of freedom tracking. With the rift-like tracking in the headset, it doesn’t require you to tether with the PC. However, it is claimed that the device is not meant for gaming and even lacks in all those high-end features of the Oculus Rift that users enjoyed since many years. Interestingly, this first standalone virtual reality handset from the company can offer 6DOF tracking without the need of a PC. Here is everything you need to know about the Oculus Quest in UAE.

Oculus Quest Release Date

After several years of work, finally, we got to see a new member in the Oculus family. And the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the Oculus Connect 5 meet to announce Oculus Quest. Though it is been announced, the exact Oculus Quest release date in Dubai is still unclear. It is claimed that the headset will be made available starting from April 2019.

Oculus quest

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Oculus Quest Specs and Performance

Now that the Oculus Quest is made official, let us discuss further the new Oculus Quest specs, hardware, and software details. Based on these details we can determine the Oculus quest standalone performance while gaming. Though not guaranteed, the Quest model shares many similarities with the Oculus Go. It runs on a Snapdragon processor paired with unique optical lenses. It is unsure of which processor is being used, but it is certainly to be more powerful than Snapdragon 821. It also comes up with a new display of resolution 1660 X 1440 per eye. This is considerably higher than Oculus Go resolution. Additionally, it makes use of the built-in, wide-angle sensors that render its support for the six-degree freedom tracking without the need of any external sensors. Moreover, the wireless controllers along with the built-in 360-degree audio ensure the users to enjoy untethered VR experience. Also, it comes in with the latest software features including Oculus insight and guardian. These tools enhance the power of device tracking system and let to create 3D maps of the environment. Moreover, it comes in with the support of around 50 games upon its launch. The most exciting part is the three-part experience called Vader immortal that takes you to the Mustafar Planet. We even expect several other quest-only VR games to be introduced ahead of the headset launch. And, all these games seem to be looking refreshingly crisp thus ensuring to have a great experience with these latest VR glasses. However, there is every chance that you may find a game that is available with Oculus Rift but not in the Quest and Go. Though it is a bit disappointing the new internals included making it a strong choice.

Oculus Quest

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Oculus Quest Price in Dubai

Once the headset will be made available in the market, Oculus Quest is likely to cost around AED 399 which is almost similar to the price of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. So, depending on how much is your love towards the virtual reality games, makes you prefer the right option. It is worth noting that the price tag includes the 2 separate Oculus touch controllers that come in with the kit. The updated input options along with its redesign make it an attractive choice.

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