Nikon’s Z6 Mirrorless Camera Launched, Specification and Price in Dubai

December 3, 2018

Want to buy Nikon Z7, but cannot afford such a high price! No issues! Nikon came up with the new Nikon Z6 which is considered to be the affordable choice over the powerful Nikon Z7. In fact, the company claims the Nikon Z6 in Dubai as the most adaptable camera ever created. It has cumulated the speed, resolution and better low-light performance into the single lightweight Nikon mirrorless camera design. Though no paper it could seem a bit lagging, in practice, it is well-known for its awesome performance and image quality. Let us quickly jump into more details of the Nikon Z6 specs, performance, and price in UAE.

Nikon Z6 Design

As for the look and feel, the Nikon Z6 camera resembles the high-resolution Nikon Z7. All the Nikon controls are in place as in other Nikon camera. The Nikon Z6 is a full-frame sensor that is built with the same standards as Nikon D850, but it weighs less than Nikon D750. Because of which this affordable alternative body is easier to handle. While the Sony and Canon made their mirrorless lens a bit heavier as the DSLR, Nikon preferred to keep it simple with its lightweight design. The touchscreen is as sharp as a touchscreen. It is of 3.2-inches display that can display crystal clear and vibrant colors. Tilt it around to shoot imaged at low and high angles. Just touch to focus, pinch to zoom, swipe across to display photos and videos, magnify the image and easily navigate through using this touchscreen Nikon camera. The user interface is quite easier to handle and navigate. With over 30 settings available, Nikon Z6 makes it easier to add any favorite functions to the menu.

nikon z6

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Nikon Z6 Key Features

Being an affordable option over the Nikon Z7, even the resolution is reduced a bit. It now features a 24.5 full-frame sensor that definitely satisfies its users. While the high-end Nikon Z7 boasts 45.7MP sensor. Another key difference that you can identify between the Nikon Z7 and Nikon Z6 is AF system. Z6 uses the 273-point AF system and it can shoot at 12fps. Considering this rate, Nikon Z6 seems to be a wiser option especially while shooting the erratically moving objects over the Z7. Despite the availability of the reduced focus points, still, it has a choice to have the entire frame focus on. It doesn’t seem to be more sluggish and captures instantaneously the static objects especially in the bright light conditions. However, focusing is a bit slower in the darker conditions. Moreover, Nikon uses its own optics, that is claimed to render greater clarity images. It comes in with the support of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and they are primarily designed to use with the Nikon Snapseed app. This app can further be used to automatically send files over the phone. Unlike the Nikon DSLR camera that uses the lens-based stabilization, the Nikon mirrorless camera opted for the in-camera system. If you are still using the DSLR camera then, here are 7 Nikon DSLR Tricks For Better Photography. The Nikon Z6 now features a 5-axis system that is said to work effectively. Furthermore, it also has an electronic vibration reduction system that is capable enough to reduce the impact, especially on the camera shake. Talking about the video recording capability, Nikon Z6 can shoot4K UHD videos at 30p. There is even an option to shoot the full HD video in 60p. Also, shoot the slow-motion videos at 120p in HD format. As with all other Nikon cameras, even the Nikon Z6 has the SnapBridge image transfer system. To keep the display on, the Nikon Z7 is loaded with rechargeable Li-ion battery, EN-EL15b which supports USB charging as well. Unfortunately, Nikon claims to have an only 310-shot battery life which is quite lesser than the Alpha A7 III battery life.

NIkon Z6

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Nikon Z6 Performance

When talking about the overall performance of Nikon Z6 when compared to its DSLR counterparts, the autofocus is not up to the mark as the Nikon D850. Though it is a bit disappointment for the Nikon enthusiasts, the new phase detection system implemented in the Z range compensate this drawback. Moreover, considering the lower price point it should definitely be acceptable for many. The three lenses available on the Nikon mirrorless camera, Z6 is though not the quickest of all, but still, it proved to be better than even Nikon Z7. Apart from this, the Nikon Z6 image stabilization is excellent as it delivers sharp images at lower shutter speeds possible. The Nikon Z6 seems to perform incredibly well even in terms of the ISO range. What makes it quite impressive is its flexible nature that doesn’t restrict any lower sensitivity range of the camera.

nikon z6

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Nikon Z6 Price in Dubai

Nikon Z6 is definitely an affordable alternative over the Nikon Z7. The robust build, excellent image quality, adoption of the new lens mount is quite a big step for this Nikon mirrorless camera range. However, considering its cost, it is just featuring 24.5MP sensor and single XQD card slot. Despite the less-resolution sensor, still, it is capable enough to render awesome image quality which adds up value to this Nikon camera. The Nikon Z6 price in Dubai is around AED 8909 which is quite lesser than the Nikon Z7 price of AED 14151.

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