Netflix Down With Error 3-5003 & MSL 5003- Here is How to Fix!

December 4, 2019

After the Disney Plus went down with error 83, now Netflix is facing the downtime error worldwide. All the Netflix users are reported to face the error code 3-5003 & MSL 5003. This is expected because of the streaming outage. Few users also encountered error UI 800 3. Especially, the users in Finland, UK, Indiana, South Korea, Germany, and Norway are facing this massive outage. Further reports claim that Netflix might be upgrading the system updates due to which the users are facing this error. And the exact reason behind the error is still unknown. Being a popular online streaming service, users face inconvenience as they are unable to watch their favorite shows or movies. People are more concerned as the company did not specify prior to the maintenance/upgrade. Worry not! Meanwhile, you can try out these methods to fix Netflix error 3-5003 & MSL 5003 and see if it gets resolved.

Netflix down

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How To Fix Error 3-5003 & MSL 5003?

– Check Internet Connection

The first thing you need to check before trying out alternative methods to fix Netflix error is to check the Internet connection. If connected properly, also perform the Internet speed test.

– Try Alternate Browser

If you are accessing Netflix using Google Chrome, then we suggest opening the application using alternative web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet Explorer. Change the browser and see if the issue resolves. At times, even the incorrect settings in the browser create an issue. So, ensure to restart the browser before you change to other methods. Also, clear the cache files if loaded for a long time.

Netflix error

– Try Not To Stream On Different Devices

Sometimes, streaming Netflix on multiple devices result to block your IP address thus generating error codes. It is always better to use Netflix only on one device. If you find that Netflix error is due to the IP then contact the support team right away to get it unblocked.

– Try Streaming Another Video

There is every chance that the video that you are playing has an issue. So, try playing another video to check if the issue is the same. If it is the error in the video, then this method should fix error 5003.

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– Restart your PC

We have seen that the latest Netflix error is happening mostly in the desktop version. Try to restart your PC/laptop to find if it could fix Netflix error related to network connectivity issues.

– Try streaming Through the Modem

Is your internet-connected through a wireless router, then try to change it by directly connecting to your modem. Turn off the Netflix online streaming player, and plugin with an Ethernet cable. This could fix the Netflix error.

– Connect Via VPN

In case all the above-specified methods do not work to resolve Netflix error 3-5003, then try out VPN connection.

Try out these possible fixes to the Netflix error 5003 and MSL 5003 to get it resolved. IF it is still not resolved, then it is worth to wait for a while for Netflix to respond to the issue.

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