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November 13, 2019

Considering the stress that people going on in this busy world, everyone desires to have entertainment. Well! Watching movies online is one of the best parts of entertainment that everyone prefers. With numerous streaming services around, Netflix is one of the popular web streaming websites around. Well! You already know, it comes with a price! Being the biggest streaming site, Netflix currently has tons of users. Most of the users pay subscription fees to get the Netflix premium plan. While some of them do with glee, others do it forcefully. For those do it forcefully, let me tell that there are some shortcuts to avoid such charges. So, if you are one of among such people, then here is a post for you. With the Free Netflix cookie, you gain access to the entire Netflix content for free. Be it an original Netflix series, TV shows or movies, access them with the free Netflix cookies. Read on to understand what are Netflix cookies, how to use them on Android or PC and a list of a few free Netflix cookies 2019. 

What is Netflix Cookies 2019?

Few people aren’t aware of what the cookies are! If you are one of those, there is nothing to worry about! Here we share everything to make you understand Netflix Cookies 2019. To start with, when we browse on the web browser, it stores entire data such as which site we logged in and more. All the data is saved on the text file that is called cookies. In case you want to check off where you logged into or want to share it with others, then just copy the cookies from the text file. Once you import the cookie on to another PC or laptop, it becomes easier to access the same location visited earlier. To use Netflix for free, below we have listed out some Netflix cookies that you can use it for free. They can be added to your browser to make it run smoothly on mobile or PC. 

netflix cookie

Is It Safe To Use Netflix Cookies 2019?

Firstly! Let me clear the fact that cookies will not damage your system in any way. It is just a text file that the website installs on your device. Often! People don’t feel safe while accessing third-party applications. The same is true with cookies. Considering its definition, you can always track cookies as it not harmful as with the malware. As privacy is a matter of concern, you should have an eye as it includes vital information on the login accounts. So, it is always better to use cookies on particular sites that are secured enough. 

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How To Use Netflix Cookies on PC?

A cookie is just a piece of data on text files sent from the website and is stored on the user end by web browser while accessing the content on the website. Even Netflix cookies work the same. Being a Netflix user using Google Chrome to access, then it will save cookies. How can we use the Netflix cookies on PC to watch multiple shows? Probably! This is the question of running your mind! Not to worry! Here is the process to use the Netflix cookie for PC. 

– First things first! Download a Chrome extension to start using Netflix cookies.

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– Downloading chrome extension gives you a cookie editor to copy data artificially.

Netflix cookie

– Now, you can bypass the login process into a Netflix account.

– Once the downloading process is completed, add the extension through the download folder.

– Here you are! You are now redirected directly to the Netflix interface. Enjoy watching movies, popular TV shows and web series for free. 

Also, understand the fact that Netflix cookies change every time. Regardless of which Netflix cookie you are using, every time you need to use the above method to download it on PC. 

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How To Use Netflix Cookies on a Smartphone?

Not everyone wants to access this popular web streaming service on the computer. Interestingly, you can also use it on a mobile phone. If you want to use a Netflix cookie on a smartphone, then you can easily do so. For that, there is a need for a friendly browser. Once you get a browser, here is how to use Netflix cookies on the smartphone. 

– As in PC, even smartphone demands to download and install a browser on the device. You can quickly find the secure browser on the Google play store

– Once the browser is successfully installed, next it requires you to install EditThisCookie extension on your mobile phone. 

– Now, either specify the below URL or search for EditThisCookie in the web browser.

– In the pop-up notification bar you see, tap on Add to chrome option. And then tap on Add extension. This displays the installation progress on the screen.

Netflix cookies

– Copy free Netflix cookies from the trusted source and open it on the Netflix website in the web browser.

– Click on the web browser, tap on the extension option to find the EditThisCookie.

– Tap to choose import-→Paste cookie-→Save.

Netflix cookies

Boom! You can now easily use Netflix cookies on your device. 

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List of Free Netflix Cookies in 2019

Don’t waste time! Here we give you some of the reputable websites that offer free Netflix cookies in 2019. 

1. Club – Free Cookie Site

Of all the available trusted websites around offering free Netflix cookies, the Club is the one to look for. You will enjoy watching Netflix content using these cookies and is a recommended option for everyone. It guarantees unlimited access to Netflix thus getting you rid of the subscription charges. Additionally, all the cookies found are 100% functional which normally happens with the legally permitted Netflix users.

2. Tricks Nation – Cookie URL

Here is another Netflix cookie offering website featuring numerous hacks. Tricks Nation provides free Netflix premium access as well to other popular online platforms around. Access the website to stream any content without the need for the subscription. 

3. The TechRim – Cookie Site

Heard of the Techrim? In case you are not interested to sign up for the cookies, this site always gives out. Using this website, get access to Netflix content without spending. With TechRim, you can copy and paste cookies into any browser extension with ease. It is completely versatile. Apart from getting Netflix premium account cookies for free, you get access to numerous internet hacks around. 

Also, you find other free Netflix cookies online that let to access Netflix content without paying any subscription fee.

How To Clear Netflix Cookies?

Every one of use lover to watch our favorite shows especially on the popular streaming service like Netflix. However, to make it run smoothly without any interference, there is a need to clear cookies. In case you are accessing the web browser for a long time, then it tends to store in some information which could create problems on bringing up a certain website in the long term. So, it is always necessary to clear out the cache, browser history, and cookies at regular intervals. Just go through the following steps to clear cookies on Netflix.

– Navigate through

Netflix Cookies

– Login to the Netflix account with the email and password by which you have registered.

– Well! As you have cleared the cache and cookies, you probably have signed out of Netflix by now.

– So, log in again with email and password.

No doubt! Every one us will not prefer to splash out the amount for the Netflix premium subscription. So, this means that we can access the Netflix web series, TV shows, and popular movies? Not so! Here we have those who cannot afford or not willing to pay for the subscription. All you need is to find the free Netflix cookies online and have a smile on the face.

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