MWC 2019: Everything We Expect From Biggest Mobile Show

February 10, 2019

The biggest mobile show of the year is almost here! Now that the exciting event MWC 2019 is approaching faster, it seems like all the popular manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, and other OEMs are ready to exhibit their innovations. So, what are you expecting from this MWC 2019 event? Though nothing is confirmed, there is a lot more in store for us including many high-profile gadgets.

When and Where MWC 2019 Event Happens?

For those who are unaware, MWC(Mobile World Congress) 2019 is the biggest mobile trade show that brings in exciting products such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more gadgets. Officially, the show takes place between February 25- 28 in Barcelona. Ahead of this event, there are several launch events that are yet to take place by popular manufacturers. For instance, Samsung is planning for an Unpacked event on February 20 wherein it may unveil Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung at MWC 2019

Though the information is not official, the South Korean giant is rumored to unveil an exciting and most-awaited smartphone at this show. Just as in the last year in which it introduced Samsung Galaxy S9, the MWC 2019 may bring in its successor, Samsung Galaxy S10. Now, it is claimed that Samsung is holding a special unpacked event a week ahead of the show. Of course! It is not confirmed whether the company introduces this high-end flagship at the unpacked event or at the MWC event. Apart from this, there is even a high chance for Samsung to reveal more details about the Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone. There is even a chance for the South Korean giant to unveil Galaxy Sports smartwatch.

MWC 2019

Sony at MWC 2019

Like the previous year, Sony is expected to unveil Sony Xperia XZ4 at MWC 2019. It may feature triple camera set up along with the Snapdragon 855 chipset and an innovative side-mounted fingerprint scanner. There could be even the presence of another variant Sony Xperia XZ4 compact. But the latest hint given by one of the Sony executives saying that the company is completely killing off the compact series smartphone, suggest that there won’t be any such release. Nothing is confirmed even from the Sony, so we should wait until the event commences to get detailed and accurate information.

MWC 2019

Huawei at MWC 2019

The Huawei press event is scheduled for February 24 and the latest rumors hint the company to unwrap Huawei P30 series smartphones. One of the handsets is claimed to have a triple camera setup, in-display fingerprint scanner, and even a headphone jack. However, there is even a chance that the company may prefer a separate event after MWC 2019 to announce this flagship. Furthermore, it may even come up with a 5G foldable phone and the details are much scarce as for now. The Chinese company even teased the foldable phone in an invite that is sent out for the press. It says “Connecting The Future”. Along with this, it is claimed to unveil a new tablet which could probably be the Mediapad M5 successor.

MWC 2019

LG at MWC 2019

From the latest reports, LG is said to announce the LG G8 ThinQ at this biggest mobile trade show. Leaks suggest this device to look similar to its predecessor and may have a triple camera setup as in LG V40 ThinQ. It may also get a headphone jack and will be powered by Snapdragon 855 processor. Also, rumors suggest this company to introduce a new phone with an optional second screen. This additional screen will be a part of the case and either uses the USB-C port or the proprietary connector to connect. Going along with the trend, even LG is rumored to announce 5G enabled smartphone in the V-series. If it so, then this would be the first time that the company is bringing in new entry both in V and G series simultaneously. Though the company is even in works on the foldable phone, it is quite hard to expect this handset at this event.

MWC 2019

OnePlus at MWC 2019

Don’t expect OnePlus 7 until mid-2019! As the rumors hint that the company is in works for the 5G smartphone which is due for launch in 2019, MWC 2019 could be the major platform to land this advanced technology smartphone. There are no details about this handset, but it is sure that OnePlus has chosen to launch the 5G smartphone separately from the OnePlus 7. Rumors hint this 5G device to have similar looks as Oneplus 6T with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. As the technology is still in the early phase, the device might be sold in lesser numbers.

MWC 2019

HTC At MWC 2019

We are unsure of what HTC will bring up at this event. There is every chance for this company to introduce one or more handsets. As the company smartphone output was a bit less in 2018, the leaks suggested that the handsets are on their way and should probably arrive early 2019. So, there is no better platform than the MWC 2019 event to unveil these smartphones. One of them would be an upgraded variant of HTC U12 life and other flagship would be HTC U12 Plus or HTC U13.


Motorola at MWC 2019

As the Motorola has a trend to come up with the latest additions during the summer, so don’t expect any update in the Motorola Z series at this event. As for the Moto G series smartphone, the company may unveil Moto G7 at the special event planned ahead of the MWC 2019. So, what is in store for MWC? Well! Rumors hint the company to bring in back the iconic Motorola Razr. This would be a stunning flip phone or can have a foldable touchscreen with a higher price tag.

MWC 2019

Oppo at MWC 2019

As promised, Oppo would introduce the 10X hybrid optical zoom technology at the MWC 2019 event. The press event is scheduled on February 23 that is two days ahead of the show. As the remaining smartphones, even the upcoming Oppo smartphone features a triple camera along with an improved 5X hybrid optical zoom. There is even a chance for the company to show off an innovative in-display fingerprint scanner that will be capable enough to read two fingerprints at a single instance.

MWC 2019

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