How to Move Android Apps to an SD Card

November 27, 2018

Despite the Android smartphones are getting more storage space these days, the usage of apps makes the storage look smaller. And, there even exists the budget smartphones that feature less internal storage space. Whenever you try to install a new app, you often find a message of not enough space. Finally! You ought to delete some of those apps, games or any other details to free up space on Android smartphones. Interestingly! Now you don’t have to delete the data to make storage. If you have a micro SD card then you can easily expand the storage. Just move apps to SD card for Android to get some space. So, how to move apps to SD card? Well! This depends on the Android version you are using. The phones that are running on Android 4.0-4.2 may not be able to transfer apps to SD card. Here, we will check the process to move apps to SD card on Android 4.3 or higher version.

Different Ways to Move Apps To SD card on Android

Using the Application Manager

While some developers allow transferring apps to SD card, some may not allow. So, check for the settings and required options for successfully transfer of the applications. In case, your app is movable then easily you could find the option “Move to SD card” from the Application manager. Despite you have this option, not all apps can be transferred to SD card. This is usually for the pre-installed apps such as YouTube, Google Chrome, messages and more. For these apps, you will find that the option of move to SD card will grey out and will not be able to tap on it. There are even few specific phones that just move a part of the app to SD card. The remaining part still resides in the internal storage. This may not seem to be beneficial to free up space. So, before you prefer to move apps to SD card, consider these details to check the appropriateness. If your smartphone allows the required app to be transferred then below are the steps to follow to move apps to SD card.

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Step 1: Go to settings-→Application/Apps

Step 2: Find the Application manager and tap on it.

Step 3: Choose the app that you need to move to SD card.

Step 4: Tap on “Move to SD card” option. If you are a stock Android user, then navigate through storage-→change-→SD card.

move apps to sd card

Step 5: That’s it! Now the app will begin to move from internal memory to external storage.

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Use microSD Card As Internal Storage

In case you find that the Android device is not allowing to move apps to SD card then here is another option to try out. Through this innovative feature, the user can let the microSD card act as an internal storage. To mention, not all devices support this feature. For proper transfer of apps, the SD card should run faster and ensure to render smooth performance. Once you format it as internal storage, the data that is already available on microSD card will be removed. Follow these steps to format microSD card as an internal storage.

Step 1: Insert a new SD card to the phone. Look for the notification wherein you will find the option of setup. Tap on it.

Step 2: Choose either phone storage or use as internal storage depending on the Android version.

move apps to sd card

Step 3: Go to settings-→storage-→Tap on the card-→menu-→storage settings-→ format as internal.

Step 4: Tap on the “format this SD card” or Erase or format.

Step 5: If running on Android 9, you will have the chance to move content including apps.

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