Motorola One Macro Review and Price in UAE.

October 23, 2019

Motorola One Macro is the latest mid-range phone launched by the Motorola company. Motorola was somehow suppressed in the big brand phone industry but now that it is back, it is giving a very tough competition. The individuals who are devotees of stock Android will like the way that like the organization’s different phones, the One Macro additionally delivers with stock Android out of the crate. Saying this doesn’t imply that the One Macro is an Android One gadget. However, the product on this phone is suggestive of more seasoned Motorola gadgets; stock Android yet with a trace of custom programming. On the off chance that you enjoyed those gadgets, at that point, you are going to like the One Macro too.

Aside from that, there’s not a ton going on here. We are interested to perceive how that large-scale focal point performs and if that it has the right to be a piece of the name. But on the other hand, how about we discover how the remainder of the phone performs.

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Body Design – Motorola One Macro

The Motorola One Macro is a quite basic looking phone with a genuinely standard style structure in new generation phones. The main fascinating thing is on the back. With a reflexive angle paint finish and an entire exhibit of little circles inside the camera module. The front of the phone has genuinely thick bezels encompassing the 6.2-inch LCD. The indent on the top itself isn’t enormous.

Motorola One Macro

However, bigger than normal bezel above it makes it look progressively noticeable. There’s likewise a thick size chin at the base. The structure doesn’t look especially premium from the front however it’s not awful, either. The Motorola One Macro has a 6.2-inch, 1520×720 goals IPS LCD with a pixel thickness of 270PPI and a score at the top.

Camera and Battery Life

The Motorola One Macro has a 4000mAh battery. Tragically, there’s no quick charging on this smartphone and all the better it can do is 10W with the provided charger. The Motorola One Macro has a triple camera framework on the back, comprising of a 13MP primary camera, 2MP macro camera and a 2MP profundity sensor for portrait mode. The camera can likewise record a 1080p video. The camera application is basic yet in addition very useful.

Motorola One Macro camera

A few highlights incorporate portrait mode and panorama mode. There are additionally some fun and unique modes, like spot color, and cutout. Thich makes a cutout of a portrait and making the backdrop dark. The picture quality from the principle 13MP camera is tolerable yet not incredible. At 2MP, you aren’t catching a great deal of detail and keeping in mind that being near the subject helps, you’re not so much observing a ton more detail than trimming the 13MP picture.

Overall Verdict – Motorola One Macro

The Motorola One Macro runs on a MediaTek P70 chipset. Motorola One Macro has 4GB of memory and 64GB of expandable storage. The working of the phone is quite smooth and overwhelming. Big screen display, long-lasting battery life, perfect pictures, and smooth working, what else do you need in a mid-range phone. Right?

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