Motorola Moto Infinity Concept Phone with Flippable Camera

October 25, 2018

Motorola is one of the brands which have a huge demand in the market because of its reliable and durable body build while every other brand is busy to render delicate smartphones but Motorola is being focused and keen to bring the innovation with the durable body design. The recent concept design of Motorola Moto Infinity is very intriguing for fans in Dubai, there is a bit of delicacy and solid body build with the futuristic style.  The pop selfie camera trend was introduced by the Vivo NEX whereas, the mechanical camera set up by Oppo Find X was very unique and attractive, the same concept is being applied on the Motorola Moto Infinity and we are about to witness the flippable selfie camera in future by Motorola.

Design and Display:

The smartphone is much in the news because it has very unique camera placement a single lens from the rear camera set up also acts as a selfie and how this has made possible is very intuitive. The lens from the rear camera is placed into a flippable edgy pop-up form which flips from backward and stands at the front acting as a selfie camera too. The concept design is very much creating hype in UAE. It has a full seamless infinity screen display of 6.3 inches QHD AMOLED with the 99 percent screen to body ratio. The phone has been shown into the metallic shimmery body of appealing color options including Black, Blue, Gold, and Lavender.

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Motorola Moto Infinity Concept Phone With Flippable Camera


Motorola Moto Infinity is loaded up with the beefy hardware, the phone might render the Snapdragon 855 processor with the RAM options of 6GB or 8GB whereas, the storage is also strong and that might be 128GB or 512GB almost like a laptop storage space. To keep the ultimate performance on top without any interruption a powerful; battery backup is also required, the concept phone indicates a 4000mAh battery potential for a long time experience.  The in display fingerprint scanner is also integrated for the security tightness.

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Motorola Moto Infinity Concept Phone With Flippable Camera


Motorola Moto Infinity has overall comprised of triple camera lens set-up in which one of the cameras flips over at the front to play the role of selfie camera as well, that camera lens has the potential of 12MP, 4K video recording, OIS, and PDAF. On the rear, the triple camera set up is comprised of one of the 12MP wide angle lens + 16MP main camera + 12MP telephoto camera making it a very thunderous and spectacular camera set up substantially or as a whole. The sensitivity and the fear of damage could be one of the factors influence the mind in this design but as Motorola is known for its reliable devices and hefty body build, it surely delivers the best possible and strong modulation for this phone.  The credibility towards Motorola phones is one of the constituents makes it popular in UAE.

Motorola Moto Infinity Concept Phone With Flippable Camera

Motorola Moto Infinity Release Date in Dubai:

This concept design is a fan based leak and there is no authentic news about the release of the Motorola Moto Infinity but the speculations are high that this design might be seen as a real phone very soon.

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Motorola Moto Infinity Price in Dubai:

There is no official confirmation about the release or no mobile phones of this series available for an estimated price fluke but it can be said through the design and specifications that this smartphone would be expensive in UAE with the premium price tag.

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