Mobdro APK 2.1.14 Latest Version Download 2018

December 7, 2018

In these recent days, people don’t have time to watch their favorite TV shows at their telecast time. Moreover, the dependency on the TV sets has been drastically reduced for the entertainment purpose. And the latest generation relies mostly on smartphones to enjoy the latest movies, favorite TV shows instantly. In fact, smartphones are now capable enough to telecast the required show even before it comes in the TV set at the proposed time schedule. Mobdro app for Android is one of those freemium video streaming apps that let to enjoy the required TV shows on the Android phone or tablet. It searches the web for best free video streams and makes it available on your device. Also, it recommends videos and allows your friends know of what you are watching with a single click. If you are bored of using the regular video streaming websites such as YouTube or other services, then consider Mobdro APK a free service to stream any video content such as music, movies, TV shows or more. Keep reading to find about the Mobdro APK download, features included in the latest version and installation process.

Mobdro APK 2.1.14 Latest Version Features

As with the technological advancement, even the users got to choose alternatives to stay entertained. Especially the smartphones serve this purpose on the go. Mobdro APK download gives out the users with different kinds of entertainment online. It gets updated regularly thus bringing in new features with each update. The latest version of the Mobdro app for Android is Mobdro APK 2.1.14. Let us check out some of the features of this latest version.

– It features multiple categories thus making it easier for the users to refine its search. Users get to choose from categories such as cartoons, programs, music, entertainment, comedy shows and many more.
– Mobdro APK offers direct entertainment shows that can be accessed at any time on their smartphone.
– Also, bookmark the favorite shows and get latest update notifications on your device.
– Interestingly, one of the features let the users mark the program or entertainment shows to watch later. So, you need not require an internet connection to play.
– Save the battery from draining unnecessarily by choosing ‘Sleep Timer’ feature.
– Get the support of Chromecast, thus allowing to watch the favorite content on the bigger screen. However, this feature is applicable for the premium users.
– It doesn’t require any registration process to get started with.

mobdro apk download

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Mobdro APK Version History

Mobdro App 2.1.14 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.12 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.10 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.9 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.7 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.3_Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.2_Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.1.1_Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.66_Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.62_Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.60 Freemium APK
Mobdro 2.0.58 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.52 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.48 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.46 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.42 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.38 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.36 Freemium APK Download
Mobdro 2.0.28 Freemium APK Download


Mobdro APK 2.1.14 Latest Version Download

Firstly, the Mobdro app for Android is not available on the Google Play store. You can get the Mobdro APK download directly from the web source or by visiting its official website. However, the Android device should run on Android 4.2 or higher version to download the Mobdro APK. And the device should have RAM storage of minimum 1GB and the internal storage should be greater than 150MB. So, download it now to get the free TV content and other podcasts right into your pocket. Though there exists a premium version of the app, the freemium version is quite enough to entertain yourself.

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Mobdro APK 2.1.14 Latest Version Installation Guide

Step 1: First thing to be noted is, the Mobdro app for Android is not available in the Google Play store.

Step 2: Before installing the Mobdro APK, try to enable “Unknown sources” on Android smartphone. Go to settings-→Security-→Enable unknown sources.

mobdro apk download

Step 3: Download the latest version of the Mobdro APK from the trusted source and remember the location in which the APK file is saved. Before downloading, ensure that the Android smartphone has all those minimum system requirements.

Step 4: Head to the location of the APK file and tap on the file to find the option to install. Tap on Install to begin the installation process. It takes a few minutes to complete the installation process.

mobdro apk download

As the app features a user-friendly interface, it is quite easier to access through the application. Since it is built especially for mobile, you will never face any issue while accessing the content on the Android device.

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