Microsoft Surface Pro 6 – Specs, Features, Pricing and Release Date

September 15, 2018

Are you fed up with the same old Microsoft Surface pro model? Want to try out something new! Well! From the latest reports, a new Surface 2-in-1 laptop is likely to make its debut in early 2019 which is almost heavily redesigned. The refreshed design with the latest Intel core processor is what Microsoft is aiming at in the next generation Surface Pro model. This is an interesting news for all those Surface Pro enthusiasts who are looking for the new and updated model. Though it is not official, several rumors leaks online reveal few details of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 release date, specifications and more.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Release Date

While the Surface Pro 6 release date is likely to be confirmed at sometime in this year, there are several leaks and rumors that specify the list of features that the upcoming device can bring in with. Few rumors also suggest the Surface Pro 6 to make its appearance in early 2019. If it is so, then this would mean that Microsoft is taking a long two years time to give the present Surface Pro model an overhaul.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Specs & Features

For many generations, the design of the Microsoft Surface Pro remains unchanged, so there is a high probability to get heavily redesigned which almost everyone has been waiting for. The unannounced tablet is said to have 10-inches display and will be almost 20 percent lighter than other models. With smaller updates, it has introduced the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 but there was no much difference in terms of design. Additionally, the next Surface Pro was through different patents which suggest for the appearance of the retractable tip on the Surface Pen. It is speculated to have similar functionality of 3D touch as in Apple Apple iPhone. There is even another patent that suggests then that can harness light from LCD screen so as to recharge itself while using. At the same time, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 in Dubai will get an upgraded Intel processor along with USB-C port. While the today’s model operates on Intel 7th generation processor, the upcoming Surface Pro 6 is likely to be powered by latest Intel 8th generation processor. It is further rumored that the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 will be the best budget surface tablet that is being developed with the target on the education industry. It is likely to get LTE support for cellular data connectivity and also can have a huge bump on memory segment. As 2019 is heading nearer, the Surface enthusiasts are quite eager to find many more details of the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Even Microsoft is to debut Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Price in UAE

The Microsoft device is likely to debut in late 2018 or early 2019 with the price tag of around AED 3669.33 . Being carried by the latest generation processor, and as it gets the high-end features it becomes worthy enough to pay for the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 price in UAE.

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