Microsoft Surface Duo Vs Samsung Galaxy Fold

October 16, 2019

Microsoft brought in a huge surprise with the announcement of Microsoft Surface Duo at the popular tech event. Though this dual-screen, foldable smartphone is not readily available, still it is highly competitive with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Can it stand against the South Korean giant? Should you prefer taking Samsung Galaxy Fold or wait for the Microsoft Surface Duo availability? Here is a quick comparison of what the two devices offer which can help to find the one that suits your needs. 

Microsoft Surface Duo Vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: Dual-Screen

The first-generation foldable smartphone from Samsung is Galaxy Fold. It features a 4.6-inches HD+ Super AMOLED display with a 21:9 aspect ratio, 720 X 1680 screen resolution and 399ppi. Unfold the Galaxy Fold to find the bigger 7.3-inches QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED display with a 4:2:3 aspect ratio. On the other end, the Microsoft Surface Duo resembles Huawei Mate X with a key difference. Though there is an external screen around, instead of a continuous panel, Microsoft prefers to include two separate 9-inches screen. This means you get to enjoy a much wider screen than of Samsung Galaxy Fold. However, the South Korean giant used the specially-made polymer screen while the Microsoft features a glass screen. 

Surface duo vs Galaxy fold

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Comparing Specs & Features

One of the notable differences of this duo is a digital pen. Microsoft Surface Duo comes in with a digital pen whereas Galaxy fold doesn’t feature the same because of its fragile screen. 

Surface Duo vs galaxy Fold

Processor & Software

The Samsung Galaxy Fold runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor that ensures strong performance. On the other end, there is every chance for the Microsoft foldable smartphone to be upgraded to Snapdragon 865 chip by the time of its release. So, both the device should be capable enough to handle intensive tasks comfortably. Don’t expect Microsoft Windows software to return to mobiles, it still adopts the Android 10 OS. 

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Microsoft didn’t reveal much about the Microsoft Surface Duo camera specifications. As there is no external body, don’t expect a rear camera and you need to unfold the device fully to get access to front snapper. Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has an external screen which boasts 6 camera similar to Samsung S10 Plus. The rear end houses 16MP ultra-wide lens, 12MP telephoto sensor, and 12MP wide-angle camera. Internally, there is a10MP and dual 8 MP setup. The front end has a single 10MP sensor. 


Since Galaxy fold is available in different variants, the battery differs accordingly. The LTE variant of Samsung Galaxy fold houses 4380mAh battery whereas the 5G model packs in 4235mAh battery. 

Surface duo vs galaxy fold

Microsoft Surface Duo Vs Samsung Galaxy Fold: Verdict and Price

Since all the Microsoft Surface Duo specs are not revealed, it is quite difficult to make a judgment. Though we are unsure of how the Microsoft smartphone performs, the Microsoft Surface Duo price in Dubai will hit high. The Samsung Galaxy Fold price in UAE is AED 7272. Based on the facts we know, it seems like the Microsoft device lasts longer despite high pricing. Samsung should offer a warranty to fix in the continuing screen problems. 

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